Training program for coCo Developers

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Here's some useful information about the program - 2nd Class registration is underway!

What will you learn?

Conversational AI, a bit of history (not too much, don’t worry) and most importantly – how to build a text and/or voice bot, using our Conversational blocks.


Do I need to be a programmer?

Nope. In fact, as we saw on the 1st class, the best CoCo Developers are usually content writers, Marketers, UX writers, Screenwriters, filmmakers, musicians etc.

How long is the program?

The internship program WILl be conducted over
5 sessions, 2 hours each.

Ok, How do I sign up?

It’s very simple – Answer one question: What purpose will my chatbot serve? Once you’re done, send your responses By January 19, 2021,

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