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What is a chatbot? How did they developed from the 1950’s to today’s world? How is it constructed? How it is written? And most importantly, how do you become a conversation designer, even if you were a basketballer, a comedian, a nutritionist or a journalist?

Eran Soroka, Head of Marketing Operations for CoCoHub, lectured to dozens of UX designers, content writer, junior developers, marketers and people who look for new career – and talked with them about all that and more. Even AnnA, our Diva, Digital Influencer and chatbot, joined the lecture, gave a speech and talked with the guests.

Since you asked, here are all the links you need:

> Build a chatbot using our studio | Connect it to a face on Zoom (including a recording of a workshop we did for that)
> Become a CoCo Developer via our course – next Class starts January 26!
> Talk with AnnA (including the possibility of inviting her to a zoom call)
> Register to VoiceLunch – the weekly (globally) events of the chatbot developers and conversation designers community. Once a month approximately, there’s an event for the Israeli community.
> Join our Facebook community for Conversational AI and chatbots in Hebrew
Links for following us everywhere are just below. And now, to the YouTube lecture!

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