Chatting with The Media

CoCoHub shepherds virtual humans to your Zoom

CoCoHub’s latest hit feature, inviting chatbots to Zoom meetings , made it to the front page of – the most important website of the VUI industry. What can you do with a chatbot on Zoom, and how do make chatbots accessible to anybody?

The technology that helps out girls and women

CoCoHub are proud to collaborate with a chatbot that educates girls and women in one of the world’s most challenging places. The initiative was also featured in Maariv Newspaper (Hebrew) 

Gamers! Take your rifles down and let's talk about it

CoCoHub tries to make gamers have a free-flowing conversation with video game characters. Will this technology replace the current conversation interfaces in games, and can this be the future of gaming? (Ynet Digital // Hebrew)

The beginning of AI-Built Pop Stars?

An anchorwoman rapping and dancing. A censored song revealed for the first time. AnnA’s revolutionary peace plan. Jason F Gilbert was hosted by i24News Israel Business Weekly’s Sarah Williamson and honestly, the place was rockin’.

Why filmmakers make better chatbots than engineers

From Doc Brown coming to life to a prisoner calling for help by the Gorillaz, Jason F Gilbert tells Arnav Patel of TARS how screenwriting can make chatbots much more fun, engaging and full of personality. 

Why does the world need conversational components?

How many contexts can a human conversation contain? What’s the secret of the world’s best chatbots? Yaki Dunietz and Jason F. Gilbert talks with Carl Robinson about our revolutionary concept.

Will AI algorithms make musicians redundant?

Why did AnnA release a song? How did we do it? And in what stage did the natural stupidity step in? Assaf Talmudi talks to the Israeli Broadcast Authority’s Romy Neumark on the night news show about creating A change is Coming

Facebook’s planned chatbot goes rogue - and antisemitic

“I’m a Jew and I think they are evil”: Facebook announced its plans to release a new AI-based chatbot, called “Blender”; but initial chats with its code reveal that it doesn’t like Jews – and the reason is quite disturbing (Walla! Tech // Hebrew)

Are flesh-and-blood singers becoming endangered?

How does an Algorithm-created, performed by a voice bot Protest Song sounds like? Listen to a first of its kind protest song called “A change is coming”, that was based on hundred of other song and is not available (G-rafa // Hebrew)