NYC Chatbot conference
April 28-29 2020

We’re doubling down this year with a conversation design keynote and a workshop flexing the capabilities of chatbots developed on Dialogflow with pre-built CoCoHub conversational components.

Conversation Design Keynote

Learn how to give your bot A PERSONALITY. Deploying an engaging bot that understands context and can hold a conversation instead of merely perform a simple task boosts user retention and makes an outstanding impact for your business. Our award-winning conversation designer Jason F. Gilbert will be sharing insights about bot personalities in his keynote “10 Ways To Give Your Bot Character.”

Dialogflow SDK Workshop

CoCoHub conversational components expand the capabilities of your bot without the pain of training, defining intents, complex integrations, or dealing with capricious specialized tools.

After creating an account on CoCoHub, participants in our workshop will learn to add CoCoHub components to their Dialogflow bots and customize their responses to match & maintain specific bot-personality. Following deployment, bots will be tested, fixed and presented before the group for feedback and discussion.

We’ve got more workshops and webinars coming your way this April, so sign up now to become part of our community and make sure you don’t miss out.