Events that Matter

VoiceLunch 36


Voicelunch, the highly successful weekly online meetup of the Voice community, hosted CoCoHub in its 36th iteration, on August 25, 2020. 

Yaki, Jason, Chen, Miri and Eran talked with dozens of community members about our vision of expanding the capabilities of conversational AI into areas such as entertainment, gaming, social influencers, and autonomous cars.

Voice Global Summit 2020

Thinking about Conversational AI 24 hours a day? Voice Global Summit was a real test for your mettle.

This worldwide event, which happened on June 17-18, 2020, lasted 24 hours, with hundreds of keynotes, workshops, sessions and discussions about the power of voice AI technology, in front of about 10,000 viewers and participants.

On our part, our CEO Yaki Dunietz talked about standardizing the conversational AI industry using the unique concept of conversational components; we also demonstrated how simple it is to integrate a skill into an existing chatbot.

As the icing on the cake, we launched a new WordPress plugin that enables everybody to install a free, modular and customizable chatbot into their website.

We are proud to be part of the biggest event in the industry, alongside companies as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Comcast, Visa, BBC and Reuters-Thomson.

NYC Chatbot Summit 2020

The Big Apple was supposed to be the perfect setting for The Chatbot Conference 2020. But COVID-19 changed that.

Luckily, the transition to an online event saw even a larger number of attendees.

In our wholistic “DialogFlow Integration” workshop, participants learned how to integrate pre-built conversational components into their DialogFlow bot and customize their responses to match and maintain their specific bot-personality.

Following deployment, participants’ bots were presented before the group for feedback and testing, fixed accordingly and further insightful discussions about conversation design best practices allowed us to get to know everyone even better than we could have imagined in an online event.

Thank you to the Chatbot’s Life team for hosting this great event despite all the operational challenges and an even bigger thanks to everyone who was with us. We hope to see you all in the next one.

Voice Of The Car Summit 2020​

Autonomous vehicles are already here.

But not seeing a driver behind the wheel does not necessarily
mean he or she are not there.

On April 7th & 8th, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. will be sponsoring the online Voice Of The Car Summit 2020: THE event for the trinity of voice technology, conversational AI and the modern connected car.

Our lead conversation designer Jason F. Gilbert will be there to talk about Building Smarter Chatbots For The Car.

We are proud to be part of such a fascinating event, with industry leaders from Mercedes-Benz USA, Google, Amazon, Intel Corporation, General Motors and more.

We are even more proud to have our very own Jason delivering his keynote there.

Our Live online Events

March 25th marked the first of our new recurring monthly online events.

Each month, we are hosting a live event on YouTube and Discord that’s all “Chatbots & Conversation Design”, featuring the world’s leading conversational AI designers and programmers.

Join our Discord now to be part of the discussion, share your own bot, challenge experts with Q&As and… just be with chatbot fans like yourself.

Follow us on our social platforms for updates on the where and when.

24h Hackathon, Düsseldorf​

Taking part in our workshop at the Vodafone hackathon in Düsseldorf gives participants the advantage they need in order to develop a multi-turn, context-sensitive chatbot in only twenty four hours.
Using a CoCoHub component by calling an endpoint eliminates the need to write and maintain AI conversation boilerplates or low-level conversation logic.

This way, instead of starting from scratch, we offer developers a starter toolkit including a chat window, integration code with their choice of developer platform and a “ready to use” template bot connected to pre-built components from CoCoHub. May the best bot win!


The Cocohub Competition

Congratulations to the Druid team for building the best chatbot in our 6 hour competition! They not only had the best implementation of a component we saw, but they also succeeded in building and excellent component of their own!

Thank you to all the participants for joining the challenge!

Chatbot Summit, Berlin

Chatbot Summit is the world’s #1 international conference series and professional network with a mission to accelerate the adoption of Natural Language, Voice, Vision and A.I. Technologies. 

L’Intelligenza Artificiale Spiegata Semplice – Interview CoCo’s CEO Yaki Dunietz