Develop smarter chatbots with pre-built conversational components.

Our growing hub of shareable, modular Conversational Components is the first of its kind, marking a paradigm shift in how we design and interact with conversational AI.

Using components eliminates the need to write and maintain AI conversation boilerplates or low-level conversation logic, allowing you to expand the capabilities of your bot without the pain of training, defining intents or complex integrations.

Incorporating components into your bot framework makes it flexible, maintains contextual flow throughout conversations and deliver the goals you require faster.

Components are compatible with the platforms you love.
Just choose.

Components are customizable and can be repurposed to cut down on development costs, thereby improving the quality of conversations and facilitating faster

As voice and text-based conversational AI are quickly permeating all kinds of online services and applications, more and more users and deployers of these new technologies are raising the question of privacy… Read More

Award-Winning Bots By Our Founders

Webby Award  in 2018 for #freemurdoc for “best use of a voice chatbot”

AnnA won 3rd place for The Most Human-like Chatbot 2019


Miss Piggy was the  first chatbot to be deployed on Facebook Messenger

Webby Award in 2017 for the the best use of a chatbot

We've Developed And Deployed Chatbots For