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The Feedback Loop illustration

The Feedback Loop: A basic Chatbot Development process

Feedback loops are all around us. It is the basic principle of evolution: A change occurs; The environment responds – the result of the change, if any, is positive or negative, which in turn produces another change – a correction – and so on, an endless loop of “getting better”.

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CoCo vs Covid-19: How Conversational AI can fight Corona

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, rattled the world in 2020. Millions of people contracted the virus, hundreds of thousands died over the first months, and while numerous institutes and researchers are putting in their best efforts to find a vaccine or even slow down the virus – Conversational AI

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How to become a vendor?

If you’ve already built excellent chatbot components of your own, we make it simple for you to distribute and monetize them.

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CoCo and GDPR: Privacy Risks With Conversational AI

As voice and text-based conversational AI are quickly permeating all kinds of online services and applications, more and more users and deployers of these new technologies are raising the question of privacy, and particularly, GDPR compliance. These concerns are not limited to a scenario of a human having a conversation

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