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The Commuter movie poster - Voice Design 101

Voice Design 101: How to perfectly create a VUI skill?

Voice skills are becoming more and more popular around the world. The technological advancements, as well as the Coronavirus crisis that forced a multitude of businesses and institutes to go online, made the VUI (Voice User Interface) design a necessity.  But if you think that designing a user interface for

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ai impacting business

Tech and Incumbent Industries: How AI is Making an Impact

GUEST POST | ARTUR MEISTER Artificial intelligence has grown at a rapid pace. It started many decades ago when the term was first coined, and scientists began thinking about the possibilities. The progress was slow initially, but in the last few years, new advancements have come one after the other

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the conversational ai and chatbots glossary

The Conversational AI and Chatbots Glossary

With the help of the industry’s biggest experts, and as a part of our mission to promote collaboration and create a common ground – we’re launching a professional, yet simplified, glossary of conversational AI terms, concepts and ideas. All of the explanations are coming from Miri Blyackher’s web series, Coming to

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Bots with an Agenda: How to humanize your chatbot

This short discussion is about Chat Bots (“chatbots”) and Voice Bots. Personally, I’ve been using the term “chatbot” to denote all conversational systems, text and voice. However, I recently came across the “chatbots” section of Fiverr, which included (literally) thousands of supposedly chatbot developers. A quick browse made it clear

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Deep Context Switching in Conversational AI

What is “deep context switching” in a chatbot? Consider the following transcript between a user and a healthcare chatbot, designed to check up on an elderly patient on a daily basis. (names and other details have been modified). “B” denotes Bot and “U” denotes user (Frank) 1B: Good morning. Is

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