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Dexter Zavalza talks enterprise bots and conversational AI

Dexter Zavalza: former educators can contribute a lot to conversational AI

10 years after starting out helping friends create conversational interfaces, Zexter Zavalaza Hough Snee, PhD is a much-respected veteran and expert in the conversational AI fields. After being a writer, lecturer and researcher in California Berkeley, he moved to the Big Tech and recently became a lead linguist and conversational

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When Sound Design makes all the difference

Guest Post // Benjamin McCulloch Do you know that once Orson Welles made a radio production of the War of the Worlds, and because people couldn’t see the images to notice that it was a fake, they heard these news reports.The Orson Welles had created and they really thought that

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Zara Jillings talks digital people with Eran Soroka in Taking Turns

Transition game: how Zara Jillings pivoted from Hoops to digital people

Just 8 months ago, Zara Jillings was still dressing up for basketball games – fighting for rebounds and directing the offense for Fordham university at the Atlantic 10 tournaments. Instead of digital people, she managed partnerships in pick’n’rolls or in a zone coverage. After the Coronavirus cut the NCAA season

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The Commuter movie poster - Voice Design 101

Voice Design 101: How to perfectly create a VUI skill?

Voice skills are becoming more and more popular around the world. The technological advancements, as well as the Coronavirus crisis that forced a multitude of businesses and institutes to go online, made the VUI (Voice User Interface) design a necessity.  But if you think that designing a user interface for

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ai impacting business

Tech and Incumbent Industries: How AI is Making an Impact

GUEST POST | ARTUR MEISTER Artificial intelligence has grown at a rapid pace. It started many decades ago when the term was first coined, and scientists began thinking about the possibilities. The progress was slow initially, but in the last few years, new advancements have come one after the other

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the conversational ai and chatbots glossary

The Conversational AI and Chatbots dictionary

With the help of the industry’s biggest experts, and as a part of our mission to promote collaboration and create a common ground – we’re launching a professional, yet simplified, glossary of conversational AI terms, concepts and ideas. All of the explanations are coming from Miri Blyackher’s web series, Coming to

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