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Taking Turns: Nick Thomson talks company chatbots

Nick Thomson: Company Chatbots make them a lot more efficient

Sometimes, you see the spark in the eyes of the person you’re talking to – and Nick Thomson is one of these people. The GotBot Bot overlord from Cape Town, South Africa, was working in account management two years ago, when his fascination with conversational AI – inspired by a

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Give your chatbot a face

Chatbots on Zoom: how to easily give your chatbot a face

Building your chatbot could be done if a few ways. You can use pre-built components – customizable flows centered on a single topic/goal – Or create your own custom flow with the “say” and “navigate” components. That means you’ll be building your components from scratch, an option you’d like to

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chatbot personality: Jason F Gilbert talks to a chatbot

Your chatbot needs a personality. Here are 7 reasons why.

A lot of companies went conversational over the last few years, and especially in 2020. When a pandemic stopped the world as we knew it, it forced processes that were stuck in drawers for months, if not years – and chatbot use skyrocketed and became a crucial marketing channel. But going

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Geertina Hamstra talks healthcare chatbots at Taking Turns

Geertina Hamstra: people prefer to tell personal things to a chatbot

MedTech, TeleHealth, HealthTech – a lot of big words are trying to capture the revolution that the healthcare industry is going through these days. The Coronavirus limited physical movement and accesibility, thus forced HMOs and companies to change and expand their digital presence. One of the ways is with healthcare

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Dexter Zavalza talks enterprise bots and conversational AI

Dexter Zavalza: former educators can contribute a lot to conversational AI

10 years after starting out helping friends create conversational interfaces, Zexter Zavalaza Hough Snee, PhD is a much-respected veteran and expert in the conversational AI fields. After being a writer, lecturer and researcher in California Berkeley, he moved to the Big Tech and recently became a lead linguist and conversational

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When Sound Design makes all the difference

Guest Post // Benjamin McCulloch Do you know that once Orson Welles made a radio production of the War of the Worlds, and because people couldn’t see the images to notice that it was a fake, they heard these news reports.The Orson Welles had created and they really thought that

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Zara Jillings talks digital people with Eran Soroka in Taking Turns

Transition game: how Zara Jillings pivoted from Hoops to digital people

Just 8 months ago, Zara Jillings was still dressing up for basketball games – fighting for rebounds and directing the offense for Fordham university at the Atlantic 10 tournaments. Instead of digital people, she managed partnerships in pick’n’rolls or in a zone coverage. After the Coronavirus cut the NCAA season

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