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Jeanna Isham talks sonic branding with Eran Soroka in Taking Turns

Jeanna Isham: The right sound can make all the difference

In the world of #VoiceFirst, not only every word – but every sound can matter, too. The right sound can become a trademark, trigger emotions or feelings – while the wrong one can deter people from using your product. That’s why the “Sonic Brander” profession came to our lives, and

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David Devoto Taking Turns with Eran Soroka - Travel chatbot

david devoto: as a conversation designer, develop a thick skin

Customer journey became a buzzword over the last decade or so, when digital marketing became a must for every company and business in the world – the travel industry included. Now, coming to design a travel chatbot, David DeVoto – working for Royal Caribbean, the largest (revenue-wise) cruise company in

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Racheli Kremer and Yuval Keshtcher in Taking Turns

Localization, UX and Conversation design: What do we have in common?

Nobody is born as a conversation designer. It’s one of the world’s emerging professions, but some people weren’t even called this way when they started working on an obscure thing called a “chatterbot”, 5 or 20 years ago. So, while this profession is still developing and while technology offers new

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Taking Turns with Saba Khalid from Aurat Raaj - Raaji

Saba Khalid, Raaji: In health chatbots, there is no room for error

Think about a tough job for a conversation designer; now, think about a tougher one; then, there’s Saba Khalid, the creator of Aurat Raaj – Raaji. Girls and women in Pakistan are in far challenging situation than we can even imagine. In a recent survey called “female opportunity index”, conducted

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How to build a chatbot in virtually any language?

Building a chatbot in English using conversational components is easy. However, sometimes you’re On chatbot localization mission, so you just need it in your own language. How do you maintain the component’s structure while customizing it to match your bot’s tone of voice and style in a foreign language?  Let’s

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Eric Kades talks sales chatbots in taking turns

Eric Kades: Every Sales chatbot needs to have a human safety valve

The eternal debate, of how to build a successful sales chatbot, usually revolves around the amount of automation vs the amount of human touch. Eric Kades, Founder at TextChat by, believes in combining those two. On the one hand, automating and accelerating the user’s engagements via conversational AI; On the other

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Taking Turns: Nick Thomson talks company chatbots

Nick Thomson: Company Chatbots make them a lot more efficient

Sometimes, you see the spark in the eyes of the person you’re talking to – and Nick Thomson is one of these people. The GotBot Bot overlord from Cape Town, South Africa, was working in account management two years ago, when his fascination with conversational AI – inspired by a

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Give your chatbot a face

Chatbots on Zoom: how to easily give your chatbot a face

Building your chatbot could be done if a few ways. You can use pre-built components – customizable flows centered on a single topic/goal – Or create your own custom flow with the “say” and “navigate” components. That means you’ll be building your components from scratch, an option you’d like to

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chatbot personality: Jason F Gilbert talks to a chatbot

Your chatbot needs a personality. Here are 7 reasons why.

A lot of companies went conversational over the last few years, and especially in 2020. When a pandemic stopped the world as we knew it, it forced processes that were stuck in drawers for months, if not years – and chatbot use skyrocketed and became a crucial marketing channel. But going

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