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Emiel Langeberg in Taking Turns

Emiel langeberg: “voice tech can also be a research tool”

Sometimes a nice presentation can make up your company stakeholders’ mind, but sometimes you need to go the distance to convince them. Emiel Langeberg, voice conversation design lead for Dutch fintech company Kandoor, chose to emphasize the difference between a voice and a textual conversation interface in the funniest possible

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Global Variables

Why do we need Global Variables in Open Domain Chatbots?

A large cellular carrier deploys a multi purpose chatbot to help users operate their device, perform various actions, ask questions and even have a small talk chat. The user’s identity is automatically acquired when they initiate contact, from the company DB. Other basic parameters about this user are also loaded

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Thorben Stemann and Eran Soroka

Thorben Stemann: “Users asked my bot for her picture”

A Chatbot, as we know, can help millions of people every week. But sometimes the challenges can come when you have a narrower, more defined and, most importantly, a returning audience. That’s what happened to Thorben Stemann, who wasn’t even initially hired to run a chatbot for his translations company,

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Maaike Coppens and Eran Soroka

Every Word Matters: Maaike Coppens talks conversation design

For Maaike Coppens, conversation design was a destiny. Already a UX design and language enthusiast, she stormed the field of conversational agents and became an international expert and speaker, urging companies and people to get the user the best experience – starting with the smallest unit of the conversation itself:

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Hillary Black in Taking Turns

Hillary Black: “Chatbots are like social media on its early days”

She didn’t have a UX or a development background, but nevertheless, Hillary Black became an expert on the conversational AI field – as her company created a automated two-way texting robot that helps out Fintech companies. Hillary combined microcopy, social media and persona-building, and tells us, in the current iteration

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How to build a 4-turn convo?

How to build a 4-turn convo?

The following dialog was taken from a user having a conversation with a Chatbot, after the user brought up the subject “Dancing”: B1: Dance is a beautiful expression of your feelings. Do you agree?U1: How do you know? Do you have feelings? B2: Yes I do. I have feelings. Prove

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Eran Soroka and Greg Bennett

Breakup, Pokemon and YASS!: Greg Bennett talks conversation design

Sometimes, the most random turn of life can take you to the greatest places. For Greg Bennett, conversation design lead at Salesforce in San Francisco, it was a memorable end to a relationship, that drove him to become a world-leading expert on the connection between linguistics, with MA and BA

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Eran Soroka, Kent Morita

Kent Morita: “In the right context, humor is very effective”

On paper, nothing seems more different between an Improv stand-up comedy show – vibrant, wild, unexpected, full of uncontrollable laughter that make you lose yourself in the moment – and a chatbot – planned, a code which is controllable by logs, while its pure existence aims to fulfill a marketing

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The Siren Song – what happens when machines start singing?

What do sirens have to do with it? AnnA released its first single today, and fittingly for a bot, it’s not a man-made creation: The lyrics were completely generated by an NLG algorithm, and the singing is performed in AnnA’s “regular” voice. The name of this meetup, where this song

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Conversational AI - Basic Terminology

Conversational AI: Basic Terminology

First there were chatterboxes. Mostly children, but also old ladies and taxi drivers. After Eliza hit the streets in the 60s, the term was paraphrased to “chatterbot”. The “chatter” soon gave way to the shorter “chat”, and the term “Chatbot” became the standard for software which engages in natural language

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