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Conversational AI - Basic Terminology

Conversational AI: Basic Terminology

First there were chatterboxes. Mostly children, but also old ladies and taxi drivers. After Eliza hit the streets in the 60s, the term was paraphrased to “chatterbot”. The “chatter” soon gave way to the shorter “chat”, and the term “Chatbot” became the standard for software which engages in natural language

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Eran Soroka with Henry Ginsburg

Henry Ginsburg: “Want to get in? Grab a pen and start writing”

Can you imagine sitting in a bank, being the first line of contact, talking with people, hearing all their complaints, trying to get them throughout the gauntlet of bureaucracy and automating your own responses as a live chat agent? That’s how Henry Ginsburg spent several years over the last decade.

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Benefits and Challenges of AI in HR

During our HR & AI panel, we discussed the benefits and challenges of automation in the HR & Recruitment process. Our HR panelists were Allys Parsons, VoiceTech & Conversational AI Recruiter at, Dante Coladonato, Employer Branding and Onboarding Specialist at Clariant, and Scott Gilbert, Head of Global Talent Acquisition

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Michelle Parayil: “Bad copy can ruin a customer’s day”

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the first responders and medical crews put their lives on the line for people all over the world. But there are other ways as well to fight the virus and educate the public: chatbots, for example. The government of India, one of the current (as of

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Taking Turns with Mary Tomasso

Mary Tomasso: “Don’t just write a conversation. Speak it”

Mary Tomasso’s story is, in a way, the story of the remote working online industry over the last decade or so. She started working online in 2009, by creating content and helping hundreds of people get their business from the streets and malls to the virtual space; then, when conversational

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Michelle Zhou in Taking Turns with CoCoHub

Michelle Zhou: “Humans talking to machines are brutally honest”

After working in the intersection of human and computer’s communication for about 20 years, Dr. Michelle Zhou knows a lot about how to make this connection as natural as possible. In 2017 she founded, an AI platform that “democratizes the creation of powerful AI helpers with radically simple building

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The Feedback Loop illustration

The Feedback Loop: A basic Chatbot Development process

Feedback loops are all around us. It is the basic principle of evolution: A change occurs; The environment responds – the result of the change, if any, is positive or negative, which in turn produces another change – a correction – and so on, an endless loop of “getting better”.

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