Lessons Learned from an Award-Winning Conversation Designer

Chatbot Developers, Voice UX and Conversation Designers – Quick Question, What does the process of migrating a text chatbot experience to a voice experience look like for you? What are your Chatbot best practices? Do you rely on the flow you’ve already built and implemented in text? Redesign from scratch? Do you have to train your bot on speech recognition patterns and phrases that weren’t an issue in text?

Here’s the thing – I made EVERY mistake possible when trying to migrate a project for the first time in 2016. I ended up rebuilding the experience from scratch and it taught me loads of valuable lessons.

When talking about chatbot best practices, this sums it up for me: Don’t try and masquerade a text experience as a voice experience.

In the meantime, here’s me in the office alone on a Sunday talking to AnnA, The Companionship Bot.