Conversational Ai PRO TIP

Get to know your users. I know that sounds SUPER OBVIOUS but I’m surprised at how little most chatbots anddigital assistants care about ME, the end user (I already know most humans don’t care. A LOT of you have commented that you don’t care about delighting the user – AS LONG AS THE USER GETS WHAT THEY WANT. QUICKLY.

BUT, here’s the thing. USERS WANT to talk about themselves. Eliza taught us that. They want to tell you about achievements. They want to talk about their hopes. Their dreams. Their PETS. They don’t JUST want to be spammed, notified or offered a great deal. They want someone (or something) to listen.

In my experience, NEARLY every user that has a dog/cat/iguana/Fennec Fox is eager to talk about their pet. Don’t believe me? Script a short convo asking the user about their pet and see for yourself. Or, if you can’t be bothered, try out out the “users pet” component that @impersoncoco designed and plug it in to your bot (it’s compatible with #dialogflow #watson and most platforms!

Let us know what you think, because WE care about you.