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Artificial Intelligence
From Myth to Reality


Further Reading
A.I. 2001; Director: Steven Spielberg
2001: A Space Odyssey. 1968; Director: Stanley Kubrick
The Matrix. 1999; Directors: Andy and Larry Wachowski
The Terminator 1, The Terminator 2. 1984, 1991; Director: James Cameron
Bicentennial Man.1999; Director: Chris Columbus
Blade Runner. 1982; Director: Ridley Scott
Frankenstein. 1931; Director: James Whale
Metropolis. 1927; Director: Fritz Lang
The Day the Earth Stood Still. 1951; Director: Robert Wise
The Stepford Wives. 1975; Director: Bryan Forbes
The Thirteenth Floor. 1999; Director: Josef Rusnak
Artificial Intelligence in Sci-Fi Movies
The Alphaville to Zeiramu movie guide. Background to AI in the cinema from, in a hyperlinked essay in four parts