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Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement

All information you provide upon registration to the Ai Forums or the Ai Open Lab will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties.
All user-sessions with Ai's virtual personalities, online or offline, are harvested by Ai for research purposes. All information disclosed by users while chatting with Ai's virtual personalities is absolutely anonymous. It will not be passed to third parties, and its sole use is the analysis of session logs with the goal of improving Aiís technology.
Session logs with users who give explicit permission to publish the log, will be published on the Ai website and on the Ai online session-monitor.
Users may explicitly request to publish their private virtual personality or HAL personality and make it accessible and usable by other users. In such cases, the logs will be visible to the trainers of the respective personalities. Published HAL personalities may be loaded by other users, modified and publicly distributed.