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Enter LMC1
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Enter the Learning Machine Challenge
To submit an entry to the Learning Machine Challenge, you should have sent us an email by the deadline of October 30, 2001. The subject of your email should be "Submission: name", where "name" identifies the program you are entering. We will use this name to refer to your program when we announce the results. You must attach to the email the program you are entering, either as source code or as a binary executable for Windows or Linux. You can package your program in an archive if you so wish (e.g. as a ZIP file). You must send this email from an account which we can reply to, as we will send you a confirmation email and we may need to correspond with you if we find a problem with your entry.

You can remain totally anonymous if you wish, and you need not divulge any additional information to us. However, we request that you provide us with some additional details, at your discretion. We respect your right to privacy, and so these additional details will not be divulged to anyone.

> The name of the individual, group or company which is submitting the program.
> The country where the program was developed.
> An overview of yourself, the group or the company which is making the submission.
> An overview of your approach to the problem (i.e. a description of the techniques you employed).

Thank-you very much for your interest in the Learning Machine Challenge. We look forward to receiving an entry from you!