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Summary and Conclusions
LMC1 Quick Overview
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Imagine playing an unknown game against an unknown opponent. It's your turn to make a move. The only thing you know for sure is the different moves you can make, and they are represented by meaningless symbols.
You make a move by sending one of the symbols you know about to the outside world.
You observe one of the symbols you know about coming in from the outside world.
You then receive a score from above.
Do you think you could learn to play the game well? Even if you don't know anything about your opponent or about the game you are playing? The Learning Machine Challenge is a quest to find the best learning computer program which is capable of doing just that.
Now that you have been introduced to the Learning Machine Challenge, you might want to read some detailed information about it.
If you have any questions about the Learning Machine Challenge, post them on the Ai Forums.