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Towards A Prime Directive for Artificial Consciousness
--> "Zen" in The Art of Spiritual Macines Maintenance... This paper by Neil Freer applies the thesis of Breaking the Godspell 1 and God Games 2 to the general topic of artificial intelligence, eventual artificial consciousness and to genetic engineering. We will not be able to develop AI well and fully until we understand our own intelligence and consciousness and arrive at a consensual definition of human nature. The planet is on hold, we are Babel-factored into standstill with no consensual definition of what a generic human being is. The cultural legacy/lock-in obstacles (institutional religion, simple-minded Darwinian evolutionary theory, an outmoded academic system, unsophisticated and overspecialized science, antiquated epistemologies and logic system, suppression or ignoring of the role of the futant 3 and the consciousness expert, to name only some) to achieving a maximally intelligent understanding of our own beginnings and evolution and possible future evolutionary scenarios are examined. The thesis of the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, is outlined and advanced as the primary key to transcending these cultural roadblocks to a planetary consensual definition of the generically human, essential to intelligent discourse concerning the development of AI. The ramifications of the Sitchin thesis for the species in general and AI as a new species are examined and their import for the new human beyond religion and the old new age elucidated. The proposition is advanced that the role of AI should be as facilitator of human evolutionary exploration, education, and as human surrogate to determine optimum, consciously chosen, self-directed, evolutionary trajectories for human individuals, the human species, and, eventually, artificial intelligence itself. Artificial intelligence will begin by cooperating with human intelligence to answer questions about human intelligence and itself even before it reaches a projected level of conscious behavior. This feedback will enable human intelligence to better anticipate and facilitate the “natural” development of AI through the accelerated development of human intelligence in the most conscious way. This inherently self-referential, feedback approach will afford an anticipatory, empirical modality in which questions concerning whether logical, ethical, moral, aesthetic, imprinting, and, ultimately, conscious behavior will automatically manifest --- or not --- at any given level of complexity and/or processing speed in the development of AI. Almost incidentally, it will “present an expanded context in which to develop and utilize artificial intelligence incrementally as a preeminent technology to “generate….logical, plausible, credible images of futures….so we could begin to effectively look into the future”. A positive prime directive for artificial intelligence is established. The roles of the futurist, the scientist, the philosopher, as well as the contribution of all of society to the development of AI are revisited from an evolutionary perspective. The work must be multidisciplinary because AI will be multidisciplinary. The futant subset of any culture is identified, its pivotal role elucidated and integrated. The role of consciousness experts in the development and training and teaching of artificial consciousness is discussed and recommendations given. The potential for transcendent behavior and conscious evolution potentially manifesting in artificial consciousness is discussed in the context of an expanded view of human, conscious, self-directed evolution. Suggestions as to who should be the teachers and “zen” masters of these precocious entities are advanced.
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