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The Premises

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Join the Team
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Ai is bringing true artificial intelligence to the world, ushering in a new era in which computers will be able to converse with us in everyday language. We need experienced scientists, researchers, programmers, writers, linguists, and behaviorist psychologists. Interested in joining our team?

An Ambitious Research Initiative
Ai is the world's first behavioristically oriented research effort dedicated solely to the creation of true artificial intelligence by following Alan Turing's idea of a "child machine". Our team of dedicated volunteers come from a wide variety of scientific, professional, and creative backgrounds. At Ai, language experts teach computers the rudiments of conversation, computer scientists write sophisticated language acquisition algorithms, and the general public provides valuable input by conversing with our virtual personalities, Alan and HAL. Ai Applied Philosophy  Related Article
Research environment
Recognizing that the environment has a crucial impact on professional fulfillment and productivity, Ai provides its team members with an unmatched environment, excellent facilities, and fascinating challenges.
A voluntary basis
The Ai team members work on a voluntary basis, each one contributing to the project from his own expertise. The extent of the members' involvement is flexible, and determined by each team member.
How to Join
Whereas Ai is operating as a research institute on a strictly voluntary basis, There is no formal joining procedure. if you're talented, enthusiastic about artificial intelligence and feel you could contribute to the creation of true artificial intelligence, simply start getting involved: Get to know Alan and HAL, subscribe to the Ai Forums and start communicating with Ai's team members.