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The Premises

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The Premises

Aiís main research facility is housed in a mansion 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv, Israel. Previously one of the largest private residences in Israel, the mansion has been completely refitted to meet the needs of both scholarly research and business activity.

The mansion has been re-designed in every possible way, in order to facilitate and nurture personal development. Wifi that covers 4 acres of land, allows team members to work in whatever environment suits them - whether in their office, near the swimming pool, in the orange grove, or in the little observatory behind the tennis courts. Networked multimedia presentation rooms allow groups to work together on shared documents without special setup or preparation. While most of the Ai team members live in nearby Tel Aviv or its suburbs, visiting researchers and scientists live on-site in one of the mansion's 5 residential suites.

Although many of the rooms have been fully remodeled, the unique character of the building has not been lost. As changes were made, care was taken to preserve the character of the structure and the mansion's qualities as a living space.

The mansion is an integral component of Ai's overall strategy. All members of the team share lunch, prepared by our staff chef and served in our dining room. This interaction encourages people to discuss and learn across disciplines. The team also includes a film documentary producer, recording the progress of the project, and creating periodical video progress reports, which are viewed internally and by co-researchers and other visitors. By creating a unique environment for these interactions, we create a cohesive team with a clear sense of its own history and development.

(Note: This text was posted in July 2000. Most of it is still true in 2010)

Ai premises in action for Windows Media Player