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March 15, 2002
LMC Workshop 2002
Savyon, Israel

Ai's first International workshop on machine learning will take place on 15-17 March 2002. The workshop shall be attended ...
September 04, 2001
Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA 2001)
Marbella, Spain

Anat Treister-Goren, Ai's Chief Trainer, and Jason L. Hutchens, Ai's Chief Scientist, lecture at the AIA 2001 On Creating ...
June 19, 2001
BOT 2001 East
Boston, Massachusetts

Jack Dunietz, President of Ai Research, will present at the Bot 2001 East Conference a talk titled The Last ...
June 14, 2001
BotShow 2001
Paris, France

How to Raise a Bot: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Human-Machine Relationship
Building machines that pass the Turing Test ...