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October 18, 2015IMperson raises $2M on Round A Financing
July 09, 2015IMperson to participate in the Walt Disney Company’s Startup Accelerator Program
June 16, 2015Imperson Launches New Social Marketing Platform
February 19, 2014Ai announces new business activity:
July 10, 2012Ai showcases its resident bot, Alan, at
December 31, 2011Ai passes the 3,000,000 sessions mark
June 05, 2010Ai and ILM release MyBot for iPhone and iPod touch
May 05, 2010Ai and ILM Announce MyBot for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
February 28, 2010International Language Machines (ILM) Launches iHAL
October 27, 2009International Language Machines Announces iHAL
August 20, 2009Ai Releases MyBot for Live Messenger 2009
February 12, 2009New Release for MyBot
July 28, 2008MyBot for AIM is now available
March 16, 2008Ai Announces MyBot for Facebook
February 28, 2008Ai Introduces New MyBot Interface
October 29, 2007Ai Announces MyBot for the Web
July 19, 2007Ai Announces MyBot: A Conversational Virtual Companion
December 19, 2006Eyal Pfeifel re-joins Ai Research
March 01, 2006Experimental integration of Alan and VO Games interactive content technology
June 12, 2005New matching responses feature in HAL3000
January 05, 2005Ai releases HAL3000
January 02, 2005Ai Announces 2005 Research Objectives
November 01, 2004Ai Announces Sponsorship Program
July 12, 2004Ai releases HAL2004
April 28, 2004Ai launches new log viewing facility
January 01, 2004Ai announces 2004 research objectives
November 25, 2003Ai announces Private Virtual Personalities
June 10, 2003Ai releases HAL2003
November 01, 2002LMC2 Competition Canceled
September 02, 2002LMC2 Game Submission Update
May 27, 2002Ai Announces the Second Learning Machine Challenge
April 21, 2002HAL Goes Public
March 18, 2002LMC Steering Committee nominated
January 20, 2002Ai Announces Learning Machine Challenge Results
November 05, 2001194 Submissions Received for Ai’s Learning Machine Challenge
September 16, 2001Ai to Reduce Level of Activities
August 05, 2001Ai Announces the Learning Machine Challenge: Win a Game Without Knowing Its Rules
April 01, 2001World’s Leading Artificial Intelligence Project Instates Israel’s Internet Pioneer as Vice President of Internet Operations
February 19, 2001Scientific breakthrough: Ai’s ‘baby’ computer program learns to converse like a 15 month-old human baby.
January 01, 2001Veteran Entrepreneur Takes Helm of World?s First Commercial Research Effort to Create True Artificial Intelligence
August 15, 2000 Ai’s revolutionary approach to artificial intelligence presented at the American National Institute of Standards
July 15, 2000World’s First Commercial Effort to Create Artificial Intelligence Names One of Field’s Top Experts Chief Scientist