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Artificial Intelligence
Mind and Consciousness
From Myth to Reality

Further Reading
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The Ai Bibliography will be a growing collection of the books we think are important to the study of human language, thought, computing, and culture.

The narratives of Artificial Intelligence span genres from scientific texts to screenplays and fiction. Often, the texts are interdisciplinary, borrowing from mathematics and literature, blending the fantastic with the philosophical, integrating past and future. We have divided the books into four sections, although some overlapping is inevitable. Language, mind, computation and AI are closely intertwined. This is where science borders on the inconceivable, the myths may become reality, and the future is implied across the board.
> Artificial Intelligence
The leading texts in the field, portraying a picture of an ongoing research that owes its achievements in equal parts to computer science, philosophy, mathematics and the people with the insight and the courage to bring these disciplines together.
> Language
The quest to understand the origin, mechanism and acquisition of language has span the better part of the last century, peaking in an acute dispute between the behaviorist and nativist schools of thought. The books in this category shed some light on this heated discussion.
> Mind and Consciousness
Our pursuit to fathom the mind is central to Western thought, just as the question whether we can build an artificial mind is inherent to all work done in the field of AI. From Minsky to Dennet, the philosophers of the mind leave their mark on the direction and course of AI research.
> From Myth to Reality
From Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to the short story that inspired the AI movie, artificial intelligence fiction is always a flight of fancy, an exercise in borderless imagination, and a pipping hole into the future.