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Further Reading
The field of artificial intelligence synthesizes dozens of different disciplines, and our catalog of links has grown over the last several years to include not only the expected topics - like language parsing, cognitive science, and programming - but also broader subjects like cinema, literature, philosophy, and culture. In the pursuit of true artificial intelligence, the scientists at Ai often find as much inspiration in fiction, art, and film as they do in hard science and language theory. (In fact, the regular screening of films is a key part of Ai's overall research plan.)

In our continually expanding collection of links, the Artificial Intelligence section connects to introductory materials, interviews, and downloadable software. From Myth to Reality covers the cultural history and philosophical implications of AI, and the Language section features an array of resources on language - what it is, where it comes from, and how it is learned.

We also make available a brief introductory bibliography and a collection of further reading on special topics in artificial intelligence.