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Terms of Use

1. The HAL technology (Hereafter also referred to as "the software" or "the technology") is presently in development and constitutes work in progress. The technology is presently available to the public at no charge as a beta program for the purpose of debugging, testing and experimentation. Ai does not undertake to maintain, support or update the software or any part thereof. Ai may discontinue the software or any version or part thereof, without prior notice.

2. As long as the software is made available by Ai to the public, users may use the software through one of Ai's user interfaces, create a virtual personality (hereafter also referred to as "Hal personality"), and train it online. Between training sessions, the Hal personality shall be stored on the Ai server in the form of a state file. Ai's research team shall have access to the state file for the purpose of research, development, debugging and testing.

3. If the Hal personality created and trained by the user is not published (made public and posted an the Ai website), it is deemed a "private Hal personality". While such private Hal personality is accessible by the Ai research team as stated in (2) above, it shall not be made available to other users. Ai undertakes not to transfer the state file to any third party.

4. If the Hal personality created and trained by the user is published (made public and posted an the Ai website), it is deemed a "public Hal personality". A public Hal personality is posted in the "Hal Nursery" on the Ai website and is freely available to other users.

5. Users may load any public Hal personality (created by another user) and continue to train it. After having done that, the user may save the Hal personality (based on a public personality created by another user) and save it under a different name. By posting a Hal personality in the Hal Nursery, its creator relinquishes the IP of the Hal personality to Ai, and agrees to let Ai and other users to make use of the Hal personality and the corresponding state file.

6. Ai may periodically release new versions of the Hal technology. It is Ai's intention to maintain backward compatibility (enable new versions to load state files created by the previous version), but it is under no obligation to do so. In case Ai makes a release which is not backward compatible, users will not be able to use the new version with their existing Hal personalities.

7. When a new version of the software is released, Ai may leave the old version available so that users who do not wish to use the new release can continue to train their Hal personality. Nevertheless, Ai reserves the right to discontinue any version of the software, thus rendering the corresponding state files inaccessible. In case of such discontinuation, Ai shall try to provide ample warning to the users, so they could at least save conversation logs of their Hal personalities, but is under no obligation to do so.

8. Ai reserves the right to terminate the beta program and discontinue the free availability of the Hal technology. If and when the Hal Technology becomes a commercial product, Ai may license the technology to third parties, spin it off to a separate company, or charge a fee for the use of the technology and/or state files.

9. As long as the beta program is in effect, Ai shall communicate with users who choose to use the technology and train Hal personalities online. Such communication shall take place on the "Hal and other child machines" forum.

10. Comments or questions regarding the technology and its terms of use may be posted on the forum, or addressed to