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MyBot for the Web

MyBot for the Web is your personal website chat companion. Put MyBot on your personal pages or blog and it will have fun, entertaining conversations with your web site visitors. You can train MyBot to be male or female, give it a name of your choice, teach it funny stories, definitions of terms, and control its behavior in general. If you wish, you can even teach MyBot details about you, so it can talk about you with visitors.

To get your own, personal website companion, just Say Hi to MyBot. It will walk you through the steps to create your own personal bot:

1. Registering with an email address and password.

2. Creating and naming your own Private Virtual Personality (PVP)

3. Obtaining a link that you can put on your website or blog, to directly access your own private MyBot.

Training your MyBot
After you obtain the link to your MyBot, you can start training it by identifying yourself with a username and password. This way MyBot will know you are its owner and not a casual visitor. You can view the logs of your conversations with MyBot, as well as your visitor conversations here.