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MyBot for Live Messenger
For Live Messenger 2009
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MyBot - Your Personal Companion

MyBot is your personal virtual companion. It is a pattern-matching chatbot (software that can converse in natural language), capable of learning from you.
You can let your MyBot talk to your contacts or buddies when you are away, or post a link to MyBot on your blog or website, and let your site visitors chat with your own personal bot.
Chat with MyBot, teach it facts about you, about the world, and even about MyBot itself, all through a normal English conversation.
Change MyBot's name, gender and behavior.
Teach it definitions of words, descriptions of people and places, and train it to respond in certain ways to particular inputs.
Give it any personal details that you wish to share with others (real or fake your MyBot will believe anything you tell it...)
View logs of all your conversations and your visitor conversations with MyBot in the logs page (requires password).
MyBot for Windows Live Messenger 8.1MyBot for FacebookMyBot for Windows Live Messenger 2009
MyBot for AIMMyBot for the Web

To learn more about MyBot, see the FAQ section, as well as sample conversations between MyBot and its owner and between MyBot and occasional visitors.