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Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
July 1: Epilog
I am shocked and shaken. I just returned from breakfast, and am as confused as I ever was. What happened was this: I got up early, this being my last day here. I’m flying home tomorrow. I had breakfast, and waited for Gaya to arrive. At ten o’clock I suspected something was wrong. I went to look for Mr. Dekker, but he wasn’t there. There was someone else at the reception desk. I asked him for Mr. Dekker, and he said: “I am Mr. Dekker”. I must have looked puzzled, because he smiled and said: “Maybe you mean my brother. He went on vacation. I’m his brother”. When he said that, I noticed the resemblance. I said: “Oh, yes. He said you were on holiday”. It is the first of July. Dekker said his brother was returning at the end of June. I added: “I wasn’t aware that he was going when you return. I wish I could say good-bye to him. I’ve been staying here for the last three weeks. I’m in room 28”. He smiled again and said: “I’ll tell him. You are checking out tomorrow, right?” He was as nice as his brother. I nodded and said: “In fact, I was looking for Gaya. Do you know where she is?”
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