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Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
June 12: Prolog
Iím horrified. Iíve been planning this trip for months. Two years of intensive philosophical education were designed to climax exactly on June 12th. Now it is June 12th, Swissair is faithfully carrying me to the carefully selected European destination where I will spend the next three weeks writing my MA thesis, and there is no climax in sight. Not only is there no climax, my mind is completely blank. Itís not that I didnít anticipate this feeling. Itís perfectly natural to feel Ďas ifí oneís mind is blank five minutes before the test begins. In fact, I told myself a thousand times over the last months: Do not panic! It will come. If not on the first day, then on the second. Now I am on the plane, still closer to Israel than to Holland, and already in deep, genuine panic.
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