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Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
June 29: Health
Three more days; Thirty more pages. Itís getting hard. I miss home. If it werenít for Gaya I would probably go crazy; or just shorten my stay, which would have an adverse impact on the reason for which I came: To write. I wonder if she realizes the extent of her significance. Probably yes. I have yet to find something she is not aware of. Edam is still as beautiful, but I am now used to this beauty. Like the locals. They donít see it any more. We humans need change; variety. Or do we? Many people love routine. Even if nothing happens: ďNo news - good newsĒ, they say. Maybe itís just me. Maybe I got used to having many moments. Maybe routine grows on you: The more you have it, the more you like it; And the same probably applies to the opposite: If one is used to variety, to frequent change, it becomes a need. Like an addiction. So the answer is probably what most people actually do: Fall in and out of routine. Have a routine, and break it every once in a while. But the breaks are a routine in themselves: Like my routine here. Maybe I should take a canoe and paddle in the canals for a while. People do it all the time now, since I made it possible. But I donít feel like it. I want to go home. Three more days.
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