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Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
June 28: Space
The ducks here are amazing. They can walk, they can fly, they can swim, and they can even dive, for incredibly long periods of time. And they eat practically everything. I was sitting with Gaya on a bench in the shade, watching them. Several of them were gathered in the canal, a few meters away from us. One of the ducks constantly tried to scratch its neck; It dove in the water and then scratched; dove and scratched. Finally it jumped out of the water, and Gaya said to me, in a soft, almost inaudible voice: “Watch”. She made a clicking noise with her tongue and tapped the bench gently. She was holding a white tissue in one hand, pretending she wanted to feed it to the duck. The duck approached, and when it came within range, she moved her other hand gently, and touched the duck’s neck, at the point he was scratching. In no more than two seconds she found it. A large black beetle. By that time the duck realized she had no food for it, but at the same time it must also have realized she removed the cause of the itch. It rubbed its neck against her, and left, to rejoin its friends in the water.
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