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Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
June 21: Language
Today is the longest day of the year. Last night, after dinner, I felt like another walk. I needed time with myself; Between Gaya and the writing there was hardly any rest. I went to the west corner of Edam, by the big church, to watch the sunset. The church clock was striking ten. Ten at night? Ten in the evening? It didnít get dark here until eleven, and even then it wasnít really dark. It was completely quiet. Except for animal sounds, of course. Mainly birds, but also an occasional cow. The sun was just setting. I took a deep breath and thought about the Mexican. Well, Iím Ok. Much more like the American. I thought to myself: This is the feeling, or thought, that artists try to capture in their creation. Or one of the feelings. Are they really different from each other? (I mean the really good moments. The ones filled with magic). I think not. I believe they are all one and the same, just differing in degree. I also believe, that everyone (and definitely every speaker) knows it; had experienced it. Maybe this was the feeling Gayaís duck experienced in his breakfast the other day. For myself, Iíve had it quite a number of times. But in unprecedented frequency, here in Edam. You know what I believe? I believe this is the feeling, the property, the concept, the object (this word crept from below the line) of the Good. This is my belief, and it is therefore true, by definition.
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