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Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
June 19: Truth
Before breakfast, I was going over some of my old notes regarding truth. I came across a two-page piece I wrote soon after I started my re-education. It was something I wrote especially for my 14 year old daughter, Maya, to give her an idea what this new education is all about. It was already a quarter to ten (Breakfast is served until ten), so I put the two pages in my pocket. As I was leaving my room for breakfast, I saw the maid outside. We said ‘Good morning’ with a wide smile (we always do) and she asked whether she could make up the room now. I approved, and went to the dining room. Gaya was not there, but as it was close to ten o’clock, and I wasn’t the one to bend the rules, I started eating. I don’t eat much in the morning (or ever), and when Gaya joined me a few minutes later, I was already having my post-breakfast coffee. Gaya noticed the pages on the table beside me, and asked what they were. I explained, and she became very interested: “How nice! this is what I call pure communication: A work of art!” I blushed (or, at least, that’s how I felt) and said: “Far from it. It is naive, childish. I knew next to nothing when I wrote this”. “All the more fascinating” said Gaya enthusiastically. “Can I read it?” I could not refuse. “Sure, why not? But you cannot: It is in Hebrew.” Gaya was banging at her soft-boiled egg and said: “I have an idea. You finished eating, right? It is only two pages. Why don’t you translate it for me? I will eat and listen.” In spite of my instinctive reluctance, I took the pages in my hand, leaned back and translated while reading
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