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Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
Introduction to Social Solipsism (off topic?)
June 17: Gaya
I woke up late. I think I spent the night at the control-room again, but I am not sure. All I remember, was that Gaya was in the dream. I had her on my mind as I awoke, and was afraid I would miss her at breakfast. I got fully dressed, so I wouldn’t have to return to the room before the walk, and hurried to the dining room. Gaya showed up five minutes after me. I said: “What a coincidence! I just came in myself!”. Gaya smiled, as usual: “It is not a coincidence. I asked Dekker to call me down when you arrive.” Diplomatically, I tried to retrieve some information: “What do you usually do when you are here? don’t you have plans?” What I meant to ask, of course, was how did she make herself so available to someone she just met. “Nothing. I walk, I talk to people.” “Do you have many friends around here, besides Mr. Dekker?” “I know quite a few people that live here, if that is what you mean. But I have no plans. Don’t worry, you are not imposing.”
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