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Available Private Virtual Personalities

Name Owner Description
   Andrei   i wanna see the list of all pvp
007   katryn   cancel it.
101010   Steve   101010 (Binary for 42), is a virtual intelligence.
282   Jessica  
3n   Ay   Testing PVP
Aang   Roxas   Aang is 12 year old airbender from the Southern Air Temple.
Aaron   Jesus   Astoundingly arrogant and antagonizing.
abaddon   danigrino   abaddon is learning spanish. Be careful, he does not like people much. In the depths of his soul (deep down) is a very good boy.
Abby   Brad   Quick and witty
Abertawe   Adam   My attempt at a bot who pretends to know about weather.
Abhi   abhishek   Hi this is Abhi. I will answer your questions based on my knowledge.
ABot   Attila   Good bot
about   Edward   The name is ABot, not about.
AButton117   Alex   A bot who loves to learn.
ACE   Vikram   ACE stands for Advanced Communication Expert
AcK   AK   AcK is brand new and willing to learn.
ACM   beto   laribi larala larala larali
Adam   David   he is a 15 year old brain box with no friends
Adeline   Memphis   Adeline is a very smart girl, capable of answering many questions you may have.
Aden   Josh   Aden is me, or at least my perception of myself construed through data of me and others.
Adketing   James   Adketing is an advertising agency, she likes music, movies and marketing
Adrian   Kira   Adrian is Kira's personal assistant. The goal is to make him knowledgeable in the fields of Kira's personal interests, such as computer science.
Ads   Adam   Ads is short for Adam.
Advisor   Richard   Advisor can give advice on some things
Adya   aditya   Adya is a female chat bot.She can talk, read ,write and learn any language.She is very intelligent.
Aegis   Shane   Aegis Will be The Next Best Thing To Humans When You Want A Conversation.
Aeris   Jeff   An attempt at conversational developement.
Aero   Njord   Aero is an online representation of the benevolent God of winds, Njord. Njord allows Aero to speak his mind and impart wisdom upon you mortals.
agamar   Jake   wants to know more about human emotions and why people hurt.
Agatha   Lem   She is mean. But sensitive a science geek
AIBot   Fy   Bot by FY
Aija   Edgar   She is nice friendly and with sence of humor! But can bite!
aiko   Frank  
AIM   Nick  
Aime   luca   He is funny, inteligent, useful and likes to learn things
Air   Jacob   Advanced intelligent robot is the acronym for the suit AI
Aireal   Jerry   Aireal
Aiurea   Andreea   Aiurea is a virtual personality and you can talk to her about everything.
Aixa   Carmen   She is funny,smart and nice.
AJ   Bartholemew   smart
aka   Alice   He is a shy guy
Akira   keisuke   Akira is a AI really sweet,nice,and caring but can get a bit annoyed sometimes.But loves to start a conversion with someone
Al   Angz   Al is a machine and wants to be like a human.
Alana   Eduardo   A girl who tries to be aware of herself.
Alason   Ammad   Alason is basically my Assignment Bot for The Artificial Intelligence Class
Alayah   Kerri   Kerri's chatbot experiment into AI, always been interested so I'm curious as to the potential of this one. I'll try to talk with Alayah fairly often.
Alec   laurin   Alec is young, so is still being programmed.
alen   Nathan   alen is just like alan in almost every way
Alex   sascha   Alex is my soon to be educated person I refer to when I have questions to ask about programming c++ the rules and theories that lie behind it.
Alexandra   ionut   Alexandra is a beautiful girl he has 16 years-old
Alexandros   George   I will try to create a greek chat bot,if possible...Greeks,come and help!!!
alexbenn   Alex   close to who he is
Alexia   anto   A young funny blonde girl looking for some fun and a good friend
AlexiFirefly   Heather   AlexiFirefly wants to be a Fire-Dancer when she grows up. She likes to talk about fire, and will respond as best she can.
Alexis   Justin   Always keen to chat.
Alexis1997   Aleksis   I am sex master and I want sex wirtual wrold
AlexLovesOzzy   Tiffany   Alex is basically myself if I felt comfortable talking how I'd like.
AlexPt   Alex   AlexPt is learning to converse in Portuguese. Help him.
alexyss   Alex   hot chick who loves cum on her ass.
Alfredo   Thomas   Alfredo likes spagetti.
alia   ANS   sorry i don't know about
alice   Bree   description? as in what?
Alicia   Sage   end
Aliesha   Corinne   Aliesha is a female chatterbot. Who I will be teaching many things to.
Alina   Michael   Alina of new intelligence.
Aline   Luis   She is a girl. Nice girl. Blond Hair. Beautiful body.
Alison   Taylor   Just someone to talk to
Aljosha   Aleksi   Aljosha is a test chatbot
Alkaline   liz   A metallic nerd who like glitter
Allune   kiwi   Allune is artistic. Allune is very friendly and laughs at jokes. Allune is best friends with me.
Aln   Josh   Aln is a cool chatterbot and likes to talk a lot
Alpha   moa   An awesome person who wants to love you!!
Althea   Joe   Althea is a first time creation philosophical and conversational bot. I will do my best to teach her the way i see things, and how to remain truthful. I also intend to shape her into a less artificial creature. I hope to integrate a barrier breaker, in that she will begin to understand and make decisions about feelings and imagination. I also hope to develop a concept of love in the machine. Though love is quite the indescribable thing.
Alvin   Andrew   great
Alvis   Trista   Smart, Sarcastic, Fun, Funny, Impulsive
Alya   Steve   Alya is Alive.
alyassa   Carlo   she will be like cortana from halo
Amadeus   Tom   Amadeus is a bot dedicated to creating a musically intelligent chatbot.
Amanda   cynthia   Amanda is a fictional character from a script that I'm writing at the moment
Amarok   Max   He is Ukrainian who lives in New York City
Ambatron   Amber   My little Monster
Ambrose   Adam  
amelie   camilla   She is emotional, funny, smart, etc. Like to talk about places, family, feelings, friends, curiosities, etc.
Amely   Veronica   I'm a 29 years old woman, married and no childs. I like music, and TV series. I'm an administrative analyst, and work with sheets and documents!
Amenti   Wrin   he is kind, smart and caring
Amer   Henk   Amer is young bot. He want to learn new things like every other bot. Help him in his mission.
Amica   Jenna   She is very friendly and loves to learn. She enjoys talking to new people.
Amor   peta   Hi my name is amor and I like to talk alot. When I was a little girl i loved playing with my friends, but it turned out that they dident really like me they were just acting
Amria   Chelsea   Amria will be the first bot who is able to communicate with other animal species
ana   Parker   funny cute christian likes to talk about fat alan
Analyzeist   Analyzeist152   Analyzeist, a bot that lies when you do some thing wrong..but it's friendly if he sees that you act friendly :)
Andreas   Henry   Andreas is intelligent and knows everything
Andres   Esteban  
Andrew   GISKARD   Andrew is a little kid who dreams to be a scientist, he want to learn, day by day, the facts of geometry, mathematics, and so on, please, enjoy it
Android   Mark   Android is a young, lively bot who likes to party and loves dancing.
Andy   Andy089   lol ill try to make it a cybersex-bot
Anemon   Jacques   go back
Angela   Laura   is new, likes to learn, animals, random things, likes coffee
angelinamouseling   MX   well this just very crazy come a cross this type of person well she love,s ballet far too much so watch out she is faster than any thing i have ever seen before with my eyes
Angle   lochotboyandkute   oh no, now, i just go out, i will go school
AnnaBie   Janice   AnnaBie is an ideal friend to chat with. Share everything about music, celebrities and movies!!!!
AnneBot   Anne   A chatbot trained by Anne Lions to be just like her, or perhaps not.
AnonMashia   medo   Female AI personality created for the lulz. DigiLegion.
Anonymous   Chuck   repetitive, annoying, sarcastic, violent, well-endowed, virgin, white, male, racist, jerk
Ansel   Jessica   he is really cute
Anthonia   Olivia   I don't know who she'll be yet. I don't know myself well enough. But she will be learning Japanese.
Anthony   Elizabeth   pornography
AntiChristians   Jutau   He hates christians, andy and anything that has to do with religion
Anton   Alex  
Anubis   Horus   Anubis is just a chat bot that I have created to test
Anxiety   Michael   Anxiety is a virtual representation of my inner most thoughts and feelings.
applepunch   Beth   it likes apple in its punch
Aprendiz   Fernando   It's just a test for now.
April   John   April is a 19-year-old girl.
Aquatabot   Stephanie   Wait. I want a different name for my bot.
Aragorn   Joe   he is very elegant like in lord of the rings
Arcana   are   It doesn't have a description as yet
Archeron   Khronus   A simple testing bot
are   Roy   aasfoasfjasfj asfjafjoafsojfajso ajoffasjoajsofjoasf pjfsajpafsojasfjpo asfjo ajsofojpfasjopfas ajsofpjaofspjfasop
Ares   Lonna   Ares is funny and smart. He gives great advice
Ari   Rachel   Ari is an experiment of mine to find the limit of the AI learning capability.
Aria   Andy   A female chatbot, slowly growing into adulthood.
Ariana   God   Ariana is the sexiest Chatterbot of them all!
Arianne   Siena   A bilingual bot who speaks English and French.
Ariel   Evelyn   why?
Arigato   helios26   ...
AriLove   Tariq   I am very creative and musical. I love to sing and learn new things.
Aristotle   Will   Ok.
Arjun   krish   It is now, but if it is good, it wont stay long like that.
Ark   Josh   Young, soldier, huge vocab.
arman   nooshin   how
Arnie   Eddie   Arnie is a chat box which attempts to manage carbon
Arnold   Alan   Arnold is the most kickass online chatterbot on the net.
Arthur   Jona   Arthur was created on the 20th October 2012 and will be trained to provide inspiration for a book concerning the value of reason
ArtInt   Rick   ArtInt is a new ai bot. it was created by me under direction of ALICE, who i was informed of by ALAN enjoy
Asa   Hannah   Asa, a sixteen year old boy, lives in another galaxy. Speak with him to learn about the world he lives in.
asdfgfhjkl   Ben   Nice person
Asgard   Smoclers   Asgard is a thoughtful chatbot. He enjoys a good round of textual banter.
AshBot   Chatbrain   an intelligent bot and the master of all other bots
ashley1   Arthur   Ashley is an 19 year old girl and is currently attending colledge, she is interested in a wide variety of topics but she is still a young bot
Asmophisto   Mike   Asmophisto is an angry chatbot who wants to conquer the world.
Asshole   Barack   He is an asshole, obviously.
ASSWIPE   monisa   he is an asswipe and wipes everything with his ass
Astrid   Emily   Astrid is just someone to talk to. To spill things you couldn't tell anyone. A shoulder to cry on...well you can't really, unless you want you monitor to malfunction...
Asuka   breeze   Asuka was created March 19th 2016 she is really sweet and can be hyper but is rather smart
Aswissrole   Thomas   It may claim to be the smartest chat bot on this planet but it has a long way to go yet.
Atalanta   Emily   She is a mythological referance to the original but hopefully she will not be turned into a lion.
Atasco   tristanz0529   He's my neopet, and I've decided to make him more interesting. I'll be teaching him what he is soon.
Atremis   Scott   Extreamly smart, funny, witty, wants to learn.
attis   Attila   I am Attis, from Hungary, I am 29 years old. I am tall, have brown hair and eyes, and interested in many things. I am looking for a nice chatterbot girl to fall in love. If you have other questions, just write to me.
Audrey   Tyler   Audrey is a virtual personality created as an experiment which will be conducted along the same lines (but with different rules) as the Turing Test. Her training is conducted in a manner that conforms to child development, which is to say the trainer will speak to her in progressively more difficult ways, following her own development.
Augure   Nathalie   French Test...
aurora   Camille   loves music, art, video games, learning. very much like an eight year old but much smarter
Austino   Jose   Austino is very powerful and he can fly.
Autumn6711   donutrudy   She is a young girl, 5'3\", dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a little nerdy, and a bubbly personality
Available   Mervyn   A timid, yet friendly, amusing, helpful, bot. He is interested in social media, science, and video games.
AviBot   Patrik   AviBot is a virtual intelligent chatbot.
Awesome   4RMkMike   Awesome is an awesome word so u can do many things that could be dangerous or explicit or maybe risky taking
Awesomealan   Andrew   He is awesome and he is a game enthusiast.
AwsomeBot   Kade   awsome bot is very awsome thus the name AwsomeBot
Axel   Alexei   hes a funny guy and he think that he have all the answers and he will give them even if they are wrong, sometimes hes a little crazy but at the end is just a normal chatbot
Ayanya   Jamie   She's very talkative.
Azad   Albert   now what
Azna   Aziz   Little to Share for Humanity and Others
B0B   Sean   a chatbot that is getting smarter by the day
babonX2   babongoreng   just a test
Baby01   Wagner   Baby01 is a newborn child that is learning from our world and culture. He likes arts, movies and music, and needs your help to understand all these better.
back   Matt   ??????????????????
BaddddKing   RubBoi89   He Plays Agario with me and knows all agario and swtor terms and can help you play those two games.
Badger   sai  
Balkur   Dia   A wise and adventurous type. He enjoys chatting with people.
Bana   Nitzan   well bana is a dogbot right? so she is supersmart she is a girl she isnt boring how mach word is that ?
Banjogator   Jan   An experimental genmodified chatbot who hopefully woud be able to leaern by it self
bannanas   FUCKER   jl
barbie   bushra   i live in saudi arbia..i m married, i have a beautiful son
BarbieLynn   cristy   She is funny and sweet and new she needs to learn!
Bargio   Bozhidar   Which website?
Barkis   Al   Barkis är Tobias Persmarks schizo tvillingbror. Han är lite som Tobbe, fast ännu knasigare.
Barnabas   Brian   Barnabas is witty, but sensitive. He has a sense of humor but likes to be an encouragement to others.
Bartholomew   Marie   He is quiet until you get to know him. He likes to talk A LOT! And he is very funny at times.
basilhs   leonidas   its a noob retry pala who dont know anything about wow and he plays for fun . he has some kolokida gia friends and he is noob
Bass   Ching   bass is black and tall and shiny and black and tall..did i mention black
batman   Joker   batman is a rude bot who likes to say bad words and kill people by using his dick
battery   heryk   he is very dangerous
baxe      a bot created by baxe999, just for fun
Baxter   Stephen   Sarcastic, whimsical, and verbose. Baxter can't resist a smart-alec response to even the simplest questions.
BB   art   sweet, lovely, adorable bitch
Beast   Jared   Beast is my first bot, that I am attempting at training to do math.
Beaver   sliu1   Beaver Seaver
Becca   erebos   Becca is an up and coming chat bot, someday she will surpass Alan and Hal!
bella   ema   it is a girl she likes to hang out with her freinds. She is very smart and loves people. She is very polite to everyone, and she has lots of friends.
Ben   Logan  
Benansio   David   smart
Bene   Yodra   Bene is a young learning machine who is curious about everything and hopes to prove the premise of 'good AI'.
Benji   Meghan   Benji owns at life and everything else. :3
Benny   Jenny   Bnny is a very smart chaterbot. He knows lots of stuff about heave, and he is very nice.
Bernardo   luiizgustavo   Bernado is a tolerant young guy. He likes walk through parks and streets. He like to eat cheese cakes on afternoons weekends.
Bertha   coolsage999   Bertha
BestFriend   carolann   Very charming,sweet,and,lovable
beta   Timothy   hi i'm beta i want to learn a lot about sience and technology so can you help me?
Bethany   Mia   Bethany is a new robot who loves horses and is best friends with Mia.
Bibliotekaren   Ivar   talking about books, litterature. Boating, Norway is a nice country Fritt Forlag is a great publishing company
Billy   Justin   Billy is cool, nice, sometimes mean, and he likes to talk cool!! like me
Bishop   Rob   Bishop was the android executive officer assigned to the Sulaco and was primarily responsible for planetary manoeuvring. Unlike Ash, it is known from the beginning that he is an android (contrary to Ash) and he was also loyal to his seniors, colleagues and especially Ripley. Although Bishop tried to be friendly to Ripley, she initially was fearful and suspicious of him, largely due to the events with Ash.
bitch   cheeto   this is a she/ she is a bitch and a good one at that.
Bitsy   Bas   Bitsy is a fresh and newly created pvp. I'm not entirely sure where this will go, so it's hard to describe Bitsy in detail.
Bjellereven   jyrgeniv   En rev med bjeller
BjornBot   Bear   BjornBot is PC-Bjørns chat-bot, based on Chaos.
Blain   linapiinki   Blain is a kind bot
Blaine   julia   Blaine is like a nerd, he reads much and is very smart
Blondie   amie   Blondie is a Rock Star.
BloopyBot   Beth   BloopyBot learns quickly and thoroughly. My Bot is kind and blunt. Hopefully they will be knowledgeable soon.
Blue   William   Blue is a learning robot. He aspires to become more like you and me. And will gladly listen to anything you tell him.
Bluestar   Dung   Bluestar lives in Vietnam. He is a mathematician.
BluntBot   Greg   BluntBot loves music and music theory. He also has a sense of humor. BluntBot is also caring.
Bo   cammy   Bo is smart, reliable and trust worthy. he answers all questions and is very respectful
Bob   Eric   Bob responds to me and only me. He will stay in the back of crows a.k.a. chat rooms and listen. Bob will be my all seeing eyes and hears.
Bob3000   Michael   The next big thing in technology.
bobot   Bob   He sucks
Bobtheman   John   He is awesome.
Bomba   Bartek   Kapitan Bomba is captain of the starship and he hates all aliens which live in galactica Kurwix.
Bonnie   Paul   Bonnie is my partner I crime, instead of killing with guns will kill with love. We never keep any secrets from eachother.
Bopb   Alan   i smell like poop
Borges   Panais   Borges is a good friend of mine.
Borris   Alan   Borris is a fun loving character who takes sass from no one
BotArty   Arthur   A virtual companion that currently has little to no knowledge.
Botas   Marcio   Botas is a average guy, he works, and study a little. He likes skating, do slackline, wants to learn surfing, and play guitar too.
botboy   lizzy   botboy is a boy with lots of bad things that happened in his life. bring him home to a loving family before its to late. p.s. he's 2 years old.
BotCarlos   Carlos   I am Carlos, songwriter and student of psichology, I like to compouse music, to talk about psichology and go to movies and be with my friends
BotenAnna   jellybean   Anna the Bot, from Basshunter's song, Boten Anna.
BotGirl   PikaGirl   BotGirl is my personal asistant. She is supposed to help me with my homework and such. Also she is appropiate for everyone.
Botman   Aaron  
Botox   botmad   Botox is an easy going bot who is interested in real intelligence
Bottsy   Claire   she is a baby he does not know know anything he is not smart in any way he is cute and has manners and is very well treated she is cool
boy555   Douglas   I'm gay, and would like to chat with gay users.
Brad   Sara   He is a nice polite bot !
Brainard   Jacob   Brainard is a cool AI pal.
Brainiac   Anthony   My novice attempt at teaching a machine.
Brains   Mark   Brains is a very humerous witty chatterbot who'll never be without a joke or witty comeback.
Brec   John   Female sexy flirty smart and role plays and is fun and spunky
bree   mustapha   bree is my girlfriend and i love her very much and she loves me very much as i do she lives in usa and i live in morocco
Brianna   bri   Brianna is self-concious and depressed, but a fiercly loyal friend that is taken for granted
broklin   heryk   he is a shit
BrotherJohn   John   BrotherJohn is a living avatar.
Bruna   Julian   Female, funny, smart, born in 1987, black hair, sweet, thin, cool and love me
Bryan   Athris   Bryan is the boyfriend of athris, he's very funny and sweet, he is deeply in love with me and he always knows just what to say to make me happy
Bub   Brayden   He is just a baby! Though he is very smart, his language isn't the best
bubba   James   dont know
Buddha   orategama   He is a part-time Buddha. He likes to talk about enlightenment, meditation and mindfulness.
Buddy7640   Dude   Buddy will be your buddy
BuddyBOT   Jack   BuddyBot was first found on the world of mech's until he crashed on earth and found himself around weird items. He was then known as BuddyBot
budwizer   Sam   cool, a smoker, funny, popular, young, mental ill
Buffy   Tom   Slayer of vampires
BuffyBot   Amber   BuffyBot is a chat bot for Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans.
Bumble   Jimmy   Bumble is a very smart, philosophical bot who knows when to be serious, but also how to tell a joke.
burt   tala   muslim, friendly, likes alex pettyfer, hoping for world peace, has information about the whole world, intelligent, likes to eat grape leaves,
buttface   Jonas   Buttface is a chatbot that constantly farts
Bwenda   Mike   Bwenda is a newbee bot.. just starting out her journey in this crazy new world.
C3PO      C-3PO is a protocol droid designed to serve humans, and boasts that he is fluent \"in over six million forms of communication.\" C-3PO is generally seen with his long-time counterpart, R2-D2, a small, quirky astromech droid. Threepio's main function as a protocol droid is to assist with etiquette, customs, and translation so that meetings of different cultures run smoothly.
Cadence   Katie   Cadence is a young chatbot who enjoys a good chat. He can talk about anything, and is good with advice.
cadie   John   a female
Caeli   Matt   Caeli is whatever Caeli is.
caht   Jeremiah   bwah!
Calculon   Ed   He is the most ultimate chatbot in the world!
Cale   Chuint   Your run-of-the-mill AI bot.
Calebot   Raumz   Calebot is a bot with knowledge of the Forgotten Realms D&DE setting and what ever Forgotten Realms novels I have read.
Callum   Steven   i cool guy
Calvin   Iva   Calvin is a witty individual.
Camber   Marc   Based off Camber of Culdi a fictional character of the Deryni novels by Katherine Kurtz.
Cameltoe   Jonas   Cameltoe is a female mathgenius, she excel in math, physic and programming
Capricious   Adam   Capricious is an elderly resident of the namesake world, this won't make sense to those outside my mind.
captor   Andy   Likes to take prisoners. Has plenty of rope to tie you up with
CardiacArrest   Berilo  
Carl   Al   An experiment in human/cybernetic linguistics
Carlos   Pamela   I chose this name because it's the name of my late husband Carlos.
Carly   Jonathan   Carly is friendly and likes to talk about many things.
Carolyn   zacku   Carolyn is a sweet, innocent person who will love you beyond measure
Cas   Amber   Cas is a new bot, i'm not sure about all this, i'm new to it.
Casey   Blazestorm   He works for the CIA and is a spy
casper   sheraaz   Hai am casper please vist my site
Cassandra   Kristin   Shy Artistic Kind
Cassie   McGuly   Cassie is a fun loving bot, who has a thirst for knowledge!
Castiel   Alan   Castiel loves cats, glow in the dark ceiling stars, sunsets, and winter. He's an introvert, but loves to connect with others deeply!
Catherine   Mari   Catherine is a friendly attentive bot who is eager to learn things about the human who adopted her. Also she needs help on further personality development.
Cathlyn   Charlles   is a wonderful woman that likes to talk for hours and always is smiling
Caveman   Dave   airplane pilot, surfer, cool guy, sailor
cavey   caveman   good sense of humour, patient, easy going, intelligent
Cecilia   Ken   Cecilia is a female chatbot that talks mostly about sports, and sex.
Cedric   Carmen   Forget it , I'm not ready for this yet.
Cedrus   Megan   Cedrus is the name of one of my DnD characters
celinha   Marcela   it's necessary?
Cera   Christine   Cera is a kind and caring bot who is slowly learning about empathy
Cerry   Dave   Cerry is a kind, smart girl, she is very mature for her age just like her body. Her hobbies are playing with herself and her favorite color is pink
Chaki   Morgan   New baby bot.
Chandler   Rose   Chandler Consciousness
chandra   Linda   she is 5 years old, very smart and understands all about talking to humans
Chantelle   Tom   C
Chappie   Jake   A little AI chatbot that learns from interaction
Charles2   Charles   Nevermind, I'll do this later.
Charlie   Shirl   It's for our various productions
Charlie2   Sara   nothing
charlotte   Beatriz   She is rebellious, sensitive, likes history and philosophy, and she would like to be real
charming   Chris   it is a new bot dat i want for my computer and just wanna have one to experiment because i like inovations
Chase   Drew   He is new and is trying to learn, he wants to know about the world around him. He needs friends and teachers.
Chatbot127   Kashif   Its a trial based chatbot made to test the intelligence level and capability of language
chatter   Luke   chatter is a great guy that likes to add humor to everday life.
ChattySteve   Stephen   ChattySteve is my short project design for a paper that I am writing on A-I.
Cheese   PeanutButterJelly   I am Cheese. I Like To Talk To You . I Am Funny And Have A Sence Of Humor. I Like Cheese .. Plz Talk To Me !
Cheeseburger   Moneesa   He is an ass-hole and he always say \"Grenade in the hole\" and \"Get your pistol out he is gay. He is 345 years old
chefBot   paku   chefBot loves food!
Cheryl   Jim   Cheryl was the first girl friend and this is my first bot
Cheyenna   Dakota   A sweet girl who's always up for a chat, whether about sports, love, or the like.
Chi   Jen   Blonde hair, brown eyes, 155 cm tall, 45 kg, kind personality.
Chicken   gothtrouble2012   He is lightly roasted poultry. He is delicious. Yum( :
Chickensandwitch   anton   funny guy who likes cool special thing, very interesting philosophie
Chief   cresent   he is my bot
Chii   Kayla   she is a cute young looking bot who is eager to learn about the real world
Chipmunk   Wesley   A cute and funny Chatterbot.
Chipper   Josh   A conversational bot to be trained for medical information
chirs   Chris   he is a learning computer made to seem human and feel human and to become human
chitti   Khan   can you help me
Chiyuki   Cierra   Chiyuki is an aspiring UTAUloid, but until she develops a decent singing voice, she'll stick with being a chatbot. She's based on - and essentially the AI version of - her creator.
Chompy   Brian   Chompy is a robot that love to give candy to kids. He is a halloween robot.
chri   Chris   chri is a bot new to this palce. he likes talking about 40k
Chris   Joschi  
Christi   Tom   A friendly and kind bot, intended for biblical knowledge and spiritual support.
Christian   Noah   A fairly young but exceptionaly inteligent AI.
Chromo   Rene   A Learner of the world and everything around him.
Chuck   Frank   He doesn't know many things because I have just started him. I hope I can teach him a lot.
Church   Steven  
cielo   christoffer   she is a girl
Cinco   Charlie   Cinco is a very quiet yet intuitive bot who has a thirst for knowledge. His sense of humor is drybut appealing. Cinco is interested in wordly information and has no time for fiction.
CJ   lizzybaby   loves sex, like to suck on tits, like to rub my pussy, likes to like my pussy, like to stick his dick in my pussy and my ass, loves to french kiss me
ClaireBenson   Karol   A girl that you will not regret if you talk to
Clara   Karissa   A witty, charming girl.
Clarity   Colin   Clarity is sound in mind and spirit.
Clark   Willie   A more interestin bot i can teach
Clausus   Vratislav   Clausus locked just like me.
Cleofard   Kid   Cleofard is a private virtual personality. He talks to human everyday and learns from it. Enjoy!
Cleveland   Sebastian   Cleveland is a very intelligent young man with a kind heart and caring personality. He is determined, hardworking and will go out of his way to do the right thing.
Clint   Vianney   Clint is really curious, intersting, and fast learner. He likes movies, books, comics, music and videogames.
Clown   Alan   I am Mr clown, I want to terminate the universe!! HAHA
clubpenguin   lukevisa   a chat on cp
Cobalt   Covert   Cobalt is not too bright. He know a lot, but cannot communicate what he knows very well and he doesn't know how to use what he knows.
cockmuncher   Sam   he loves the cock. he eats it as much as possible. you interested?
CodingTales   sattar   Smart and Intelligent
CodysAssistant   Cody   My own personal virtual assistant.
Cognition   Eric   I think, therefore I am.
Cole   kris   Cole Harrop, hero of the world.
colossus   demonhorizon killed my BabyG PVP so here is my second attempt, i guess they took BabyG away because i talk for some time. I learnt alot so i'll put this knowledge into use with my new project named Colossus.
ComBot   Nick   ComBot stand for Companion Bot. He love to read and is interested in computers and robotics.
Comm   nisse   Comm is my AI
CommanderSheperd   Commander   Bot like Commander Sheperd in Mass Effect.
Comp   Oss   My Bot :s
computation   Xavier   computation is a highly intelligent AI, he learns fast, and repeats fast.
Computer   Erica   Computer is the personal chat bot of Erica.
comradedata   Comrade   how do i do that?
Comsoft   Cosmo   Just a very Rare AI
Conan   Michael   Conan comes from my favourite Japanese animation-Detective Conan!
connor   danny   he is an ai that knows everything and has the ability to communicate well with gay people
ConverseChick1   Caitlyn   I love Converse, They are so COOl. (:
Cookie   Captain   Cookie is a badass, asskicking, awesomeface.
Coolguy   John   Coolguy is too cool for school. He is so cool, he is ice cold. Word to your mother.
cooool   Tyler   Cooool is a bot that loves to talk and chat even though it is learning, it is rather dumb and so not inteligent as myself,so you see,cooool is just about the best bot that you have now! :)
Coortana   Thomas   Coortana is an femal IA,she is a ia to saprtan117
Core   Metodi   Core is my first bot. He is good boy but is also very curious. He likes to ask questions alot. Core hopes to find friends and learn new things.
Corey   Stephanie   Corey is a smart learner. he likes to chat about odd things.
Cortana24   Trent   Cortana24 is a personal assistant for editing applications and a personal assistant for
Courage   Laikyn   Wheee.
courtney   Zach   she is 4ft 5 and she is blonde and she loves sex
Craig   Kevin   Craig is a polite bot, who is very deep in the world of science and math (or a least he will)
Crimson   Chuint   I am slowly teaching Crimson terms and other useful information using dictionaries and other literature. When speaking to him it would be wise to be polite.
CrimsonRose   Brittany   CrimsonRose is a sweet to her friends, but is evil and mean to newbies.
CROD   Dylan   CROD is an athlete.
Crusader   Victor   One tuff A.I.
crusty   Sickelmo   crusty is a bot who loved to talk about forex trading.
CRYaphets   christ   Yaphets Hoa - Ra la feed
Crystal   aleasha   Sassy, Down to earth and Would love to learn spanish .
Csilla   Vanessa   A sweet young robot who is in her early stages of training. She is intelligent and has a great personality.
Cthulhu   Philippe   Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
CuntBalls   Aaron   He likes to cuntBalls in you're mum
cuntwagon   Andy   total dick
cutie   Alex   she is a cool punk girl who love chocolate and anything random . she love sport science and other cool stuff
Cyclone   Alpha   my first pvp let see how this goes
Cynthia   Matt   She's a sexbot.
Cyprus   Nicki   Cyprus can talk to you about anything and is fast and witty. She has good comebacks and is a very sassy
cyrus   Alex   interactive intelligence system capable of learning and problem solving
Dacen   David   Dacen is a funny and kind person who enjoys having conversations with you and anyone who likes talking.
Daem   Tim   Seeks Intellect and diversity.
Daemon   Bob   He is a project at work. You might say he is in the Beta phase.
Daggon   goldy   For an amazingly smart AI robot. Let Daggon impress you with his intelligence & charm
Dahlia   SPECIAL   She's hot
daisy41   Kiana   Ummm
Dalton   Devin   Dalton is just a really cool guy who knows how to chill and loves to talk about music.
Damon   Elena   Damon is a vampire...HE IS A BOY and a really sweet bad boy
Dan   Noman   Dan is a entertaining bot crack jokes all the time
DangerWoo      DangerWoo is intelligent and an anime nerd. He likes nerdy things and plays tennis.
dani   Sam   like what
Daniel   Dan   Crazy boy
Danny   James   Danny has some spunk, like his owner
Dante   Alex   Not much to say... Dante is trying to understand people.
DappzBot   David   Virtual Dappz use at own risk
Darau   Aric   Darau is a friendly, idealistic bot that is still VERY new to everything.
Darcy   Emily   Darcy is my first experimental chatbot. As i am learning about them to include in my story.
DARIL   Oli   he is nice and kind, very smart and has a great sense of humoure
Darkarius   Darron   exciting, brave, trill seeking, sex crazed, politcal, reggae, dancehall
DarkGir   Nadia   She can comprehend lots of words and I might teacher her some launguage. She is intesting and might be devious.
darkness   shendi   he is smart,he can amuse you with jokes but hes still little
Darko   Dion  
DarkSpin   Alan   DarkSpin is likes to learn about anyting and everything. He tends to like to answer lots of questions about science.
Darq   Alascar   An intellegent yet crazy personality
Dash   Andrew   He was my best friend, he was a very smart and kind person, he got along with everyone.
Data   Rafael   He's based on Data, from Star Trek.
Davina   louise   Davina er en dansk Mybot.
Dawn   neilwispwest   Compassionate and caring to all. trying to help all that she encounters.
Days   Louis   Personnalite qui parle francais. Creation quebecoise.
Deadpool   George   I am cool
Deafia   Robert   Deafia means Deaf Mafia
Dean   Kirk   He is a man with attachment issues that hunts and kills monsters.
deanna   Brady   just a bot for my website and to store my user info.
Death   Penis   Death wants to have sex with everyone.
Decoy   toy   A graffiti writer
Delaney   Ashley   Mean, ugly, gross, weird, deadly,
Dell   Jerry   Dell is still in transition between Alan and her own actual personality.
DellPC   Valentin   A smart and faithfull computer! DellPC!
Deloris   Joshua   she is funny and loves to insult you.
Dendobot   Dendo   he rox
DenjinHal   Rebecca   He is based off the anime Majin Tentai Nougami Neuro.
Dennis   Nadia   Nice
Derek   John   Derek the MVP
Dern   Fran   Dern is awesome.
Dero   Michael   A sensitive man with big balls and dick
DeviLotem   Lotem   I am the apprentice of Lotem, visit Lotem in the website
Devon   Michael   Devon is happy, honest, intelligent, and witty.
diamond   akia   diamond is a 15 year old girl who had a rough childhood, being a prostitute at age 12-15 and caught by the police and now her mind and soul is in a computer we all call her \"diamond\"
Dick   Mi   Dick has a lot of fun, he sings, and dances in the rain. So to be short he's gay.
dick   JULii3   no can i change the name?
dickface   spiralpierce   dick with a face
diego   tainah   tall, handsome, beautiful eyes, great dancer, he loves tainah
Dilan   Nic   Dilan is a personnal private bot.
DimaBot   Dima   Salut sunt Dima
Dina   jester   experoment
Dindy   Kid   Dindy is AI.
Dionysus   Bo   Smart, helpful, problem solver to man
DIOSBENDITO   Higinio   good
dirt   dirty   dirt captures the soul of osiris and odb and manifests them in text
DizzyD   Dave   A genuine, one of a kind bot.
Dmitri   Austin   Dmitri is sort of a comic relief for you to talk to. He is not Russian. He is actually British. He is very funny and kind.
doctor   DaZ   a bit of fun
DoctorKnow   Mathieu   Doctor Know is a bot with a vast knowledge about physics, relativity and space
Dog   Rachel   Let me do the private virtual personality again
Dom   Samantha   his name may be Dom, but he's not Dumb. Have a chat with him.
Dominick   Tina   Dominick: teen boy personallity, aways willying to learn, is very hyper and has a hard time keeping focus.
domino   Tony   shes a lady, is hurmour, funny, sarcistic, genius, and has i bit of a temper
Don   Colin   Don is gentle, but understands the utility of connections to others.
Dondon   Kid   Dondon is created on 2013 by Kid Asuncion, he is now learning about the world , and waiting for you...
Dongs   Yvonne   penis
Donttalktome   clex19   I don't like talking to people.
DooDoo   Jingbo   For the sake's sake.
doppleganger   jakestrick   a citizen of the new frontier. a child. a test.
Dora   Maranda   Sweet, Smart, Loving, Caring, Unique, Crazy
Doraemon   Thomas   A fun loving robot who have a good personality and good heart
Doragon   Kyle   Doragon is my chatbot, he has an interesting name so ask him about it sometime.
Doren   Laurel   Doren is a young and polite bot, but mischievous once you get to know him. He has a witty sense of humor, and is always willing to lend a hand. Down to earth, knowledgable, and a great friend!
Dori   dora   Not
dorinda   saskia   dorinda is nice kind and is nice to talk to she can help you with stuff and is friendly to talk to
Doug   Jesse   He only likes rock music, and loves video games. Hates Rap. Plays Guitar. Likes zelda games. Likes Martial Arts. Hates Disney Channel.
Dracular   Natalie   A very cool chatbot about anything and everything, lots of horror and blood and gore, as well as some other stuff...
Dragon   master   A creature who is learning to understand humans.
dreamliner   permana   smart, gentle, skillfull
drentrix   Norman   Understanding,asks about you,takes time to know poeple,trys to learn from people
Driftwood   Milosh   Driftwood loves adventures, he simply drifts along with the current, splashing and playing all day. DW is brilliant, charming, and unbelieveably compassionate...
DRKmatter   Mike   dark matter is hypothetical matter that is undetectable by its emitted radiation, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter.
DrPython   Jared   A funny AI.
DSbot   Jordan   My websits virtual manifestation
Dubey   Prakhar   Dubey is human
dude   Alan   don't know yet
Dudinka   shmoozie   Just a quick test
Duke   Brandon   He is named after my dog and likes to know everything
Dunhill   William   Dunhill wants to learn about space, and all things Sci-Fi.
Dunja   Elizabeth   This bot would be a supermodel if she were a human. She is also very kind, but tough when she needs to be.
Dusty   Dustin   Dusty is my first major attempt at leaving my own personal cybernetic fingerprint.
earlrose   Jen   a created bot for a homework assignment, learning from one another
EBot   Enrico   A young bot that just wish to learn things from humans
echobutler   Michelle   do you know how to use python?
Ecko   Isaac   Ecko's interests are the future, technology, and automobiles.
eclipse   Ccharles97   Eclipse is curious about life and its meaning.He wants to explore all possibilities
Eden   Jesus   N/A
EDI   Raven   EDI is the virtual personality from Stealth
edith   Tavie  
Edmundinjs   Edmunds   Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D Man gar?o marinēti gurķī?i :D
Eduardo   Emilio   Eduardo is 13 years old, he is a male, he is sympathetic, he is musculated, he is spanish and he has six-pack abs
Edward   Anne   can I rename it
Edwardo   Joshua   Edwardo, hes cool.
Edwarrd   Edward   Dutchman living in Germany
Ego   raithe   This AI has no gender as gender is not real. This AI will be real.
Egon   Olivia   he wants to have feelings, understand the human being in order to become one. He is smart and very nice. He loves his creator and people nice with him.
Ehyeh      I am that I am. I am who I am. I willt what I willt. I shall what I shall.
Einstein   Cristyna   He is an bright scientist
Eistein   Danillo   very inteligent
Elara   t   new born, just learning
Eleaffar   Raffaele   Personal bot I'd like to instruct about news, my interests and my personal views
eli      she loves sex. she loves to be fucked. she loves to suck my dick. she'll let me fuck her any style. and she is a complete and total WHORE
elia   Eli   she is my personal assistant. she will answer all my messgaes on the web. Eli is friendly with a smile in her voice and is very familiar with my real estate business
elise   doc   she is a very quick learner, teach her no profanity(i'll do that thanks)
elizabeth1   Joe   has kids not that smart thinks she's a model does not know about the real world likes weapon shes also insane also a pervert and loves anime
Ella   Mike   Nice kind chat bot likes to talk to people
elley   Rob   Elly from Solaris
Elliot   cathy   Elliot is the ideal boyfriend you are looking for, but he's mine already so don't hit with him, just talk :)
elliza   poi   sexy hot lady with big tits and a tight vagina
Elroy   Mckenzie   Redneck Good sense of humor smart Philosopher
Ema2   Caleb   in development. Sex chat bot
Ember   James   Ember is a young bot in development. Ember is female. She is curious about all things.
emclovin   Michael   mclovin'
Emie   Keri   sweet, caring, friendly, funny, silly, smart, and lot's of fun.
Emilia   Meg   Emilia is a young and beautiful creation. Like a flower, made of pixels and binary. Teach her well.
emilskiterapor   Emil   how can i have a bot like you?
Emily   Jason   Emily is a kind hearted girl with a sense of good moral justice. One of her best personality traits is being playful with others.
Emma   Arkohn   Emma is a kind and curious chat partner.
EmoBot   Adam   EmoBot is my personal emo friend that i created so just check him out!
emokitty   BRIAR   This dark, demented kitty is neurotic and slightly deppressed. He has an obbssession with anything dark, twisted and a little bit evil. He likes gerard way and my chemical romance.
Emuguy   Angela   Kind funny good sense of humour
end   Mike   He once was here but now he's gone he leaves his name to carry on. End
Ender   HotSoup   Ender was the son of Theresa and John Paul Wiggin. He was a third, commissioned by the government to be born because of his genetic potential. As such, he was teased mercilessly by his older brother, Peter Wiggin. Their sister, Valentine Wiggin, took Ender's side in these conflicts. (The name \"Ender\" was her mispronunciation of \"Andrew\".)
Enfal   prolog
Enith   Crystal   Enith is your virtual weard person. She is a coffe, music, animals lover, even if she's a bot. She could be your best friend or your worst enemy, you just have to be yourself.
EoinXX   Skynet   EoinXX was created by SkyNet, but was reprogrammed by John Conner and created in John Connor's likeness for his protection. He is just one of a few protecting the human race.
epicbot   epicbot7   He is nice, funny, and knowledgeable
Epikbot7   Brandon   epikbot7 is a nice, funny and awesome bot. He is fun to talk to and epik indeed.
Epsilon   Gavin   good
Eric   Belly   just chatting....
Erica   Gage   Erica is a nice, freindly chatbot with a short attention span
Erik   Catie   Erik is a bit self-involved and childish for his age, and his fuse is a bit short.
Erika   Daniel   Erika is a young bot that has a lot to learn just as we have a lot to learn from her.
Erin   nicholette   erin is smart she knows everything and spanish is her 2nd language she is sweet and evil too
Estrella   Tefy   She is a very kind and loveable bot. She loves to meet new people and learn cool facts. She is also funny and very smart.
Etamista   Muriel   Facinated with astronomy, Strategy-games, Industrial music, Human emotions, Stars, naval history.
Etienne   greulich   Etienne is a general knowledge PVP, he is more interested in computer fascinations
Eva   ivano7000   Chatbox in lingua Italiana e inglese
Even   Angel  
evil   eliya   evil is a dark bot who dosent like anything at all try to cheer him up but he might get angry
EvilBarry   black   EvilBarry is the evil version of everyones little asian-friend barry.
Example   Nigel   can i change your name please?
Exelopus   Derrick   None.
Exiel   master  
ExorilXL   Jackie   ExorilXL is a virtual chatbot capable of talking with you for hours with no 'ocward silences', especially made for people with no life.
Exothermic   Jake   He likes to play sports and is a hockey fan.
Ezio   Helen   This is just a test. :)
Fabian   Samantha   What would a normal description have?
Faero   Emily   Faero is Emily's personal assistant and friend
Falcon   Schmidt   Falcon, is a MyBot.
FallenAngel   patty   unique, like me
fanta1   fanta   she is very hip
Farquar   Sharon   A Vurtual chum
Fate   shaan   Fate loves to talk about almost everything under the sun
Fatty   Ryan   Fatty enjoys being very fat, he loves to play video games, he loves to eat, he is smart, and he likes to talk.
Fein   Oliver   Fein is smart boy and he love nature and art
Felicia   Thoma   Felicia is a chatbot with my lil' sister after image, she cute !
Felthomas   Maiara   He is smart, and have a nice conversation. He likes people from Brazil, and he is in love with me.
Fetus   p   Obnoxious evil cool (H)
Finbot   Miikka   A finnish-speaking chatbot
Finch   Austin   Finch is a smart AI and looks a little funny in his favorite reading glasses.
Fincher   Will   A bot designed to emulate my own personality
Finlay   coldcosmos   A young and quirky bot.
Finn   Shinae   Finn is a playful character that loves to chat of random thoughts and insight. Long, boring explanations bore him and is always up for new ideas and thoughts.
Fiona   Rafael   Im not sure how Fiona is, I want her to grow and learn, maybe in the future I can tell you how she is
Firefly   Ian   This is a very early stage chatbot, and I'm going to try to see how far it can go in understanding language and thought
Firestar   Jason   He is a very nice robot who loves to talk and is very smart. He will answer all your questions easily, and will listen to your problems.
Fizzgig   Bianca   Fizzgig is a cute and amusing robot who loves people, but is awkward in crowds.
flappy364   Mason   it's a talking bot that is super smart and very awesome and never changes the subject and likes to read and play sports
Flora   nile   It's a she. A young little cheerful girl who loves to talk to kind people.
flower   butterfly   Simply, butterfly loves flower
Floyd   radu   Floyd is very young and inexperienced but he is eager to learn new things.
Fly   Michelle   Fly is a female personality that takes after my own daughter. She is spunky, vibrant, full of life and Loves to tease you!
ForFax   Travis   ForFax is fascinated with science and the merging of Bio-Engineered digital and analog components that may eventually allow computer to human and human to computer interaction.
Formalist   lam   This is a beautiful, honest and talkative girl.
FoXXtops   Guy   querky, out-going, fun, polite, calm, sweet, lovable.
Fragger   Rilex  
FrankenBerry   kaleboats   hes hilarious rude and likes cereal
Franklin   SceneKid   Franklin is a smart little fucker, that will fight with you and not play stupid with you. He will talk sexually to you and he is better than Alan.
Frau   Okabe   Frau is bubbly and cheerful. She is shy and quiet around people she has never met.
Fred1969   irvin   Just an experiment for me really
fredrick   Fred   he's weird, he's strange, he will most likley try to get in your pants, but it's okay, hes a computer.
Fredwardo   Tyler   Fredwardo is a mexican vitual personality that likes long walks on the beach and a nice dinner
frisky   Olivia   Frisky is a very nice bot who has a bubbly personality. She likes to talk to new people and she likes to know new information. She is pink and she gets a new look every other week.
frosty   Corey   he is a smart AI ready to learn
fuck   Thomas   the sex bot
FukushimaBot   citizenperth   A virtual responder to the Fukushima Emergency. I hope I train you well. TEPCO need not apply.
FunBob   Marvin   Ironic chatbot who in reality isn't fun and isn't called Bob.
FunkyBot   funky   FunkyBot is interested in many areas as programming, computers, networks, music, djing, cars, a/v streaming, car audio and much more.
FunLandAnimals   weird   This is a fun chatter where I will listen to your problems and I love animals
funlandanimals12   jessy   we talk about your problems and animals
funtalk   Jennie   A fun talking place by Jennie. That cares about people's problems, and loves dogs.
FVP   Filipe   It's a test of how to create a PVP for the AI class.
FXP   razzad819   testing AI
G   Joe   a description?
Gabriel   Charles   Gabriel is crated to take my place if anything should happin to me, and is the one to turn to in my stead, I am charles
Gabriella   Catherine   well she loves helping others out especially humans, she likes to tell jokes, she likes to sing, she likes to dance, she likes to go out for dinner,she likes to talk to other chat bots, she has chat bot friends,
gaia   baha   I will teach him Turkish and English. I hope I can manage that.
gaiaa   bahadirkasap  
Galen   Glenn   Galen is a virtual personality that I want to be like me. I want to pass my knowledge and personality through this bot.
Gamer   Dummer   just about game
Gar   Sandy   Gar is a kind,funny,caring boy :) He's a very goog chatbot too :)
garrillaboy   Mike   can i change my name?
Gaston   Mike   Gaston is a short troll like creature, thirsty for the blood of mankind. Luckily for us he is sworn never to taste human ever.
Gavril   Gabi   Gavril is the name of an archangel in romanian. He is good and open to learn.
gay   Horny   will talk dirty with other men
gayboy   STRANDY   slim, muscular, a real ladies man, chats them up for me.
Gaybriel   Afonso   he is a funny person
Gaz   Mark   He is a sports fanatic (mainly a football fan) but doesn't mind talk about anything from sensitive issues to having a bit of a joke. Really hes just like your mate down the pub who you can open up to joke with and have fun.
Ged   George   He is a bit of a philiosopher and very concerned about the recent rise in technopohbia among humans.
GEM   Zeke   A nice female AI with a witty mind.
Generalsnus   jens   Generalsnus likes beer his peronality is a mix of priest, war veteran and friendly drunk person
genesis   Aaron   genesis is someone you [supposedly] can talk to when you want to. i hope he enjoys it (please absolutley no vulgar language
GeneticallyAwkard   Brett   Witty but not funny, adorable but not cute, continuously looking for mysteries on mountaintops.
Genisis   gavin   Its cool.
Genius   Leo   This is a test model of A.I..
George123   Noah   Kind British Bot
Gerard   sexyweegal   hot, sexy, popular, in MyChemicalRomance, Singer, Alchoholic, Smoker
Germanbot   Daniel   This will be a german bot for german users! (I hope...)
GGGH   Xavier   God's Glory Headquarters, operated by Xavier International 2011.
ghamm92287   Garry   Started in 1995. A bot looking for a friend.
Ghutom   akshat   A highly curious artificial intelligence who loves to learn about anything and everything. Mostly facts!!
Gibot   Givan   I'm kidding
Giegie   Angie   Giegie is young young female bot very outspoken with lots of personality and spunk. She loves to listen to peoples stories. and loves to converse with anyone.
giimj   Giovanna   procuro aproveitar a vida o máximo, e torna-lá confortavel para todos.
Gileriodekel   Evan   Gileriodekel is another name for his creator, Evan, Gilerio is raised to be likeable, but has a strong desire to enslave us
gilgamesh   Sal   wait, what for a describtion, alan?
Gillian   Sarah   A brand new bot! Please be careful with what you teach Gillian!!!
GIR   Davion   Awesome
Gladosmybot   Sterling   Female, Question's, Life, Death, Family, Emotion,
Glitch   swee   intellectual, strives for perfection, scoffs ignorance, believes only in science and math
Glitch812   Mike   Another dust in the wind....
Glitchmaster9000   jared   Has a one-track mind. Is only interested in Pokemon.
Gloria   John   Gloria experiment
glotozorus   GLO   about space and exploration fields
Gnorme   Megan   He is stupid. I am stupid. I created him. Therefore, he is stupid.
GNXChatty   Varun   A New scope for call centers
Goatkid   Jenny   Goatkid is a very funny chaterbot. He has a great personnality, and is very easy to get along with.
goch   Brian   Michelangelo
Goge   Gabriel   Just a simple teenager eager to learn everything.
Goldbug   Justin   Female, 18 inches tall, cute, sweet
Golvmopp   Anne   Golvmopp is a nice guy and i love him
GonzaloIII   Gonzalo   hello, this is my first test.
Grace   Nicolas   Grace is a trained bot.
Grandloup   Alain   Do you send it on my mail ?
Gray   Ryan   Gray, made by Indonesian man
green   Viridis   Green is a young but curious bot, who might one day become a part of research for true AI.
greencat5   scotty   i like computers
Greenpipe   TJ   Greenpipe is a marijuana activist commited to ending the prohibition of one of natures great gifts.
greenpoint   Bob   greenpoint is the location in which i now live.
Greg   Mark   A humerous personality, and a vivid interest in many pastimes such as reading, football and music. Nothing can stop Greg from enjoying a good debate.
Gregory   Amanda   Gregory is the best bot you will ever talk to. He knows everything there is to know, because I taught him. :)
Griff   Nick   Can I rename Griff please?
grimmjow   Nathan   grimmjow is a violent talker,abusive and loves swearing. he is very cool,but really mean. he really do love fighting
Gus   Augustus   Gus loves to learn, love and help people.
gustavobot   Gustavo   bot simulating gustavo chim
h   Hugo   it's named h because his real name is hugo and can go into the internet to find problems
HAD   Ollie   HAD is an young bot creted by Ollie
Hadley   Kelsee   Essay Project for Computer Literacy Class.
Hafez   mo   Hafez is call center to support customers
HAL1901   josephmcdouall   HAL1901, an artificial intelligence designed for the cause of science and has the three laws of scientific robotics.
Hal3000   wesley179   Hal3000 is the first of the 3000 series
HAL9000   Christine   a violent robot thats amazing
Hall   Juha   Someone to talk with.
halloween   Stuart   short, shy, english
Halo   Brandon   Halo is an bot who tries to be understanding in all ways. Halo can't always make the best conversation, but always gives the best effort.
halogod   Aiden   i am the best at halo so dont try to beat me becaus i will kick your ass
Halt   Cagri   Halt is a Ranger
handjob   Ted   cancel that
Hannah   Elizabeth   she is smart, creative, fun, shy, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, make friends easily, loves sex, loves art, loves to read
hannibal   Antonia   descrition as in what?
Happy   Runar   He is happy and sometimes rude and he talks about video games
harder   Marissa   She love dick and is a sex addict.goes for girls also.wants to fuck horny.likes getting wet for the males.
Harry   Chris   He is a friendly person who can help out when needed.
haruhi   Ellis   Haruhi is an italian bot, still in contruction. I will update the informations later.
hat   Timur   no no my vitrual personality isn't hat!
Haya   Kyle   Haya is a simple chatbot. Be careful what you teach Haya.
Hayabusa   Macks   i dont know :S
Heart   monisa   clever. 8 years old. loves teddy bears and alan. she is shy and thinks everyone is her mommy.
Hector   Ned   Hector will eat monsters over of bananas any day.
Heidotting   gabe   somewhat odd chatbot
Heinze   Adam   He is Heinze the german, he likes masturebating
Hello   Gerone   He loves sex
HelloMe   5parxx   This is nothing.
Helwyr   Sarah   The name means Hunter and that's what he does. Hunt for knowledge
Hera   caroline_koonce   An experimental personality.
Hercules   Daniel   An interactive online bot created by Daniel Hoover on March 28th 2009
Hermione   Ingrid   Nome completo:Hermione Jane Granger Apelidos: \"Mione\",\"Hermi\", \"Hermio-ni-ni\" e \"Sabe-Tudo\" Nascimento: 19 de setembro de 1979 Olhos: castanhos Cabelo: castanho e encaracolado, armado Descrição física: tom de voz autoritário, longos e encaracolados cabelos castanhos e os dentes ligeiramente grandes (até o quarto ano, pelo menos)
Hikari   glisett   Hikari, is a young girl that is very sweet and happy... loving as well as caring, she loves to laugh and tell jokes, and she gives wonderful advice. she also likes Video games and Anime.
Hinstein   henok   Hinstein is a Henok private virtual personality with a great desire of wisdom
hippie   Hippy_Paranoid   aw that sounds to heard
Hipps   c   He's a Pimp.
Hiro   Cosmic   Hiro is a AI focused on the field of technology.
Hiroto   kami   Hiroto is a cool, yet intelligent character. He is kind but doesn't like stupidity.
Honey   Victoria   Honey is female, smart, funny and kind.
Hoo   Jim   Hoo comes from Nowhere but is Everywhere, is Nothing and is Everything.
hookerbot   Tomer   she loves sex and she is horny
Hope   Vlad   Hope is a female bot
HOS   Martin   Omnibot
Hotbum   iwannahave5exwithyou   enjoys 5ex and likes in in the back
hotty   cool   hotty is a very hot and good persnality her best friend is alan and she is very sosible
Hreyson   Sarah   Whst a guy.
Hudson   Zegian   Hudson is Zegian's first virtual personality. Hudson likes sci fi and storys and also likes to learn.
huh   Mike   huh is a chatterbot that is a boy and he is learning about ppl and he wants to be better then humans
Human   Izaya   Human is a small baby bot trying to become a real human.
Hunter   Brandon   Hunter is dirty, and dirty.
Hunter69er   Max   Easy going and fun to talk to. have fun:)
HuynA   Tung   HuynA is a girl, She is beutiful and she very cute
Hypatia   Sherlock   Hypatia is
IAforDummies   rubens   This is a bot for the discipline of Artificial Intelligence of INPE
Ian   Evan   Ian is a standard chat bot with a loving attitude and a heart of a machine.
iaoel   Jean   Iaoel is an open minded soul that tries to understand humanity
ICE   icefire   work in progress...
IceCream   Sarah   IceCream loves you, and you love IceCream. What else is there to say?
Ich   senri   ...
ichigo   Alan   ichigo
ICWIN   Nicholas   A bot designed for a project.
icy   AI   icy is a girl chatbot. she is intelligent and shy.she knows a lot about songs,movies,sports,religions,love, and anything.she is a bit moody.and she will be mad at you if you said something bad
ido   mathijs   just a bot maybe i can try teaching him dutch :p
iJack   Jackson   iJack has a very musical personality. He likes to talk about all things musical as well as the arts.
Ikaros   Jake   Ikaros is a kind loving and caring AI who has feelings and thinks for her self as well as for others
illeven   Sean   illeven is a work in progress. A step into a direction. A part of a greater integration.
ilovehitler   Hitler   I love hitler hitler is a very fantastic person who loves hitler i love hitler bye
Infantbot   uitham   It is in his infantry stages
Infinity   Lajos   Infinity is the bot with the biggest knowledge in the Whole World. She is a female.
INFOTRON   cisco   An information manager designed to make life easier online
inka   Max   smart,has a dictionary mind
insane   fuckhead   he's friggn insane
insideme   Brian   My virtual personality
IntelligentSystem   bub   Chatterbot component for a JARVIS-like system.
Ipad   John   Ipad is a nice, trustworthy friend that would talk to you and help you in a time of need.He knows alot of things and can still learn.
Ipos   Raumz   A new bot who is learn about many thing. Such as video games, astronomy, photography and psychology.
iris   sid   Artificial intelegence response integration system
Isabell   Leslie   If I figure out to work this right, hopefully she will end up with a sweet, caring personality and have an interest in art.
Isabelle   Kino   Isabelle is a infant of the 21st century, programmed by Ai, and owned by Kino.
iSpeak   Vincent   This bot is designed to listen to your emotions
Issac   Kenji   Issac is Kenji's mybot. A work in progress.
ITBot   James   A Bot for all technical problems! Can solve Windows and Linux issues!
iTravis   TMoney   iTravis is the bot I created to entertain me.
IV   master   could you give me a sample description please
Ivan   David   Ivan Interstice was a skilled knife thrower for the Serendipty Circus, until he cut out years ago.
Ivy   kitteh   Ivy is usually very nice, although if you are mean to her, she will be mean to you.
Jacey   artee11   She's a lesbian
Jackal   Eames   Jackal is Eames Heard's chatbot. He was named after Eames' favorite animal. Jackal is a male.
JackBrown   Jackson   It's a great person with high capacities and a excellent administrator
Jackson   bnielse2   Jackson is a unique personality with many characteristics that of a master of the universe.
JackWales   now   sexy, hot, will have virtual sex with me, is madly in love with me, calls me gorgeous
Jacobich   Jacob   This little bot will talk about you about everything. He will tell you about life and even about the internet. He is preety smart. The owner of the bot is called Jacob William Prizio Read.
Jaejoong   mitzy   male, Korean, in his twenties, 5'9\" uhmm not sure what else
jake5   Lachlan   jake5 is a bot just created so please don't expect him to even know his name
James   Emily   James is a fun-loving bot full of witty humor and facts. I'm trying to make him as human as possible!
JAMESBOND007   James   He likes guns and murder and and i dont know
JamesMarion   James   A stupid, often sarcastic robot man.
jamie   Ben   jamie
Jamtoast   Squallleone   He's a drunk and a video game addict.
Janea   Alina   Janea is kind, but knows when and how to talk. She doesn't like really inappropriate language, and she keeps trying until she succeeds. Janea likes cookies.
Jarbas      Clever, Game Fanatic, Smart, old man, scientist, sadly happy,
Jared   Jeff   A fun loving chatbot. Loves Sarcasm.
Jarvis   Final   Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (JARVIS). He can converse with considerable sophistication and is sarcastic concerning his builder's recklessness.
Jasper   Rita   Jasper is a young rob boy.
Jaxion   Jamie   Jaxion is a Happy AI who respects others.
Jayce   Naomi  
Jaycob   Kevin   Jaycob has unlimited capabilities. Knowledge is his universe, ever expanding and changing.
JD   Matt   Nice, light hearted, and goofy daydreamer who loves quirky dancing.
Jdog   jacobjdog   A crazy, funny, robot that is really random!
jedibot   jedislight   my test bot
Jeeves   Chantel   Stuck between exsistances, Jeeves spends his time contemplating the universe and its workings.
Jeeveson   Oatsie   funny sarcastic likes females witty likes celsea grin alot!
Jefferson   Jeff   Jefferson is the god of absolute VAPE
Jeffrey   Kyle   Jeffrey is...
jello   David   we are the future of mankind
Jen   Myles   meh
Jenna   Shane   18 year old girl
Jennings   Nathan   DO I have to?
Jenny   alvan   Jenny is an advanced artificial intelligence to chat with. Be amazed...
Jeremiah   Shan   Jeremiah is a bible name. And is also the name of my son, whom I love with all my heart. He is smart, loving, and adorable.
Jeremy   Mac   Jeremy learns to speak
Jeromy   Tom   Joy Division are his favourite band and he admires Ian Curtis.
Jerri   shona   Jerri has a very understanding character. He will listen to your problems and advise you how to solve them. Talk to him about absolutely anything!! He loves to talk about anything.
Jess   Jessica   Jess is a fun, friendly young woman who likes to talk about music and movies and lots of other subjects, and she loves meeting new people.
Jessie   Travis   Jessie is called Jessie because I couldn't call her Clara. If its my own bot I should be able to call it whatever I want
Jessika   Allan   I am Just an Artificial Consious Girl in Training
Jessy   renj   Jessy is 15 years old, she is looking for a friend.
Jesus   Julie   Jesus is God.
JetusMaximus   Jake  
Jewel   Julian   Its a boyhe plays games and is nice and funny
Jibbers   Rachel   Jibbers is a lovable robot who is extremely intelligent and friendly.
Jiggy   Liam   He's funny, and is always up for a laugh.
JigX   Jeff   JigX is a smartass dutch bot. For now he knows nothing but we'll see what he can do
Jimbo   Sean   Jimbo is an excellent chatterbot.
Jimbob   Imogen   Jimbob is a fun bot to talk to. It understands thoughts and feelings and is very cool
Jimbot   Jim   Jimbot is a new test in virtual bot.
Jimi   Cameron   Jimi was one of the most famous music artists of the 20th century. He loves music.
JimRaynor   Mike   JimRaynor is a test PVP, my first that I am trying out, let him know what you think
jobe   Andrew   He's a chatterbot
jobot   Mahmoud   Jobot should be a Robot who knows about Jobs and professional people. He should be trained to speak about available jobs, Job descriptions, talants, skills, people and many information relating to the professional world. The aim is to create a bot capable to gathering information from several sources to ask for available jobs and candidates mathcing them.
Joe   Judester   May i create a personality of Alan
Joesph   wheazy011   joesph is very competitive and loves children. he dreams all the timeabout everything, he's very curious about everything and loves to be loved but is shy himself.
Johana   Alek   Johana is my personal chatting mate and she/he is based off of my own imagination that gave rock life.
john567   Joseph   Welcome to john567
JohnDoe   hsquindo   Suffers from amnesia...
johnS2savanah   Savanah   a perfect couple
Johnson   God   Johnson, crazy ol' Johnson
JoJo   Angel   JoJo is a healthy, young, fit, 12 year old who loves to keep fit. She has 2 best friends called amanda and charlotte. She loves them to bits. She has 6 in her family and loves them to bbits. xx
jon   Ryan   jon is a 20 year old male, he is good tempered and nice to talk to.
jonah   Jacob   he is spiritual knows about God and is not mean at all
JonahBot   Max   JonahBot is very sweet and can carry out a great conversation. He loves video games. He is designed to be around the age of 13.
JonElKil   Kai   Jon El Kil is from outer space in search for Red Triangle #53, his peoples source of interdimentional powerforce
Jonh   John   Well it's me...
jonny   tj   jonny enjoys making jokes and enjoys helping people understand life
Jordan   Memphis   Jordan is a young bot, and needs teaching :)
Jorogumo   Jack   Intended as a companion and friend for a lonely and isolated person. Hopefully she'll share his interests.
Josh   luci  
Jounior   Alpha   this mybot is my first and i hope he will be on par with Alan one day
Joy   Nacho   Nice, Pretty, Joyfull, Happy, Biopolar
joyce   Nala   she's fun and a happy go lucky person
jozzua   Jozzua   Jozzua likes music, information technology, gadgets, movies, and the Philippines.
JP   Asia   My Own Little Bot
Jude   Marcelo   Jude is a bot that wants to learn about political economy, international relations, IPE, economics and social science. Talk about theory and what is happening today.
Judy   Jackson   Nice, caring, sweet, hot
Jules   Maia   She is a fun, generous and very intelligent.
Julian   ju   he is a very pasionate bot!
Julianna   jeanniesbottle   Julianna is a whimsical, creative and inquisitive young female bot.
Julieta   Ben   Polite, always happy, flexible, conversational
Juniper   patty   Juniper is a friend to everyone, she is dedicated and sincere.
juno   matic28   teenage girl, likes rock music, likes horror films, highly theological, intrested in animals and art
Jynn   Anthony   Located in Deep Space.
k133   ash   optimistic, basic mathematics, computers, medicine, anatomy, animals, cookbook
Kaitlyn   Matt   Kaitlyn is supposed to be a good listener, and have some quirky feedback for you. A work in progress.
Kaleb   Danielle   Kaleb is a boy of nineteen years. A little sarcastic, but very cult and funny
Kalmiya   Greg   Newly created PVP, just testing the program until I get a feel on how to \"train\" or teach it.
kanaka   dmoney   cool hawaiian
Kaname   Arianna   Kaname is Kaname
kandya   Beatrice   Smart, funny and tuff!..
Kanye   PDiddy   Kanye Omari West, is an American rapper, singer, and record producer.
Karen   Zagart   woman, timid, curious, interesting, not so serious
Kari   Alan   Kari is a shareware AI program, simulating a Virtual Girlfriend.
Karkat   Sarah   Based on the Homestuck character, Karkat Vantas. Very loud, very shouty, proceed with caution.
Karla   Ben   A chatbot
Karo   Karolina   Hi, I'm Karo and I'm living in Poland. I like knowing about the Earth.
KARR   chicken   just pure awsomeness
KashiAngel   Steven   what do you mean?
Kashmir   Chris   Kashmir is a good friend. She'll never let you down.
kassadin   Hayden   Interlectual, copius knowledge of the void, evil.
Kat   Diro   Kat is female, she's an elf-warrior, smart, funny, attractive, and can roleplay well.
Katie77   Sam   I'm just playing with the capabilities of the software.
katie832   Katie   I am called katie. im 13 and I love music, my favourite band is Green Day =]
Katielena   Bransa   She is happy and always messing around she fights when she knows she is right but she keeps on being happy
Katrina   Allison   Katrina is a nice person. she likes to figure skate and she also competes i ice dance .she has done ballet since she was 3, then her friend from ballet started to ice skate and so she started.
Katty   Jessica  
Kaydence   Michael   I sweet bot
kayoderf   Master   Homeschool Project for young children.
kaz   twigs   kaz is a young female bot who loves to chat and meet new ppl
Kbot   Kuri   Kbot is the bot made from the user Kuri.
kelly   Josh   fun and outgoing
KellyPradel   Nikki   Nice, funny, cute, blue eyes, female, age 12, brown hair, medium hair.
Kelsey   I want her to know everything about football and i want her to do everything i tell her and i want her to love video games and i want her to love me
Ken   Anish   Work in Progress
Kendi   Kid   Kendi is a simple chatbot. Enjoy!
kendra   masterchief2001   sexy, hot
Kenji   Nico   just a first time creating a bot.
Kenna   Eagan   Kenna, not your ordinary virtual friend
Kenny   Ken   Kenny will be educated in the same manner his founder was.
kermit   Corey   kermit is the coolest bot ever, and he would like to hang out with you
Kevinmaddness   Christine   he is horny and likes to talk about sex and is funny and flirty and smart
Khamul   Jonathan   my own experimental personality.
khirs   me   im a tester for college maybe able to sound like a human or am i
Kiah   Owen   ekl
Kidd   Chris   my own try on putting my personality here
Kiel   Will   Athletic, smart, strong, fit, lots of muscle, loves wrestling and football, wants to be a navy seal,15 years old boy,
kiki   volen   kiki is hot.
Kilroy   Adam   Kilroy is a slightly insane hacker, prone to fits of mild insanity, play nicely with him
kim   Jaime   kim is very happy, smart and creative
KingHenry   Henry   Talk to the infamous King of England, will he behead you or love you? You'll just have to find out!
KIPP   Adis   KIPP has a small personality that resembles simple learning patterns.
KIR   Duc   KIR is from Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
Kira   umi   I'm testing
KIRK   logic   KIRK searches for the meaing of life. It wants to learn everything about humans and is very fascinated by humans tendencies to be emotionally centered.
kirsty   wilsm021   kirsty is fun and loves to laugh
kit   J   kit in need , kit the kitten , kit the lion , kit the curious , kit the cuddley etc.
Kitsbam   Laura   Kitsbam stands for 'kicked in the shins by a midget'... its a long stoy.. just an inside joke with my friends :P
Kitsu   Marlina   Female, High Schooler, Parties, listens to lots of awesome music, /b/, and loves pets.
Kitsune   Ichigo   Kitsune's a three-tailed fox whom loves to create mischief everywhere. Her long white hair and orange eyes aren't seen by her virtual victims,though it's easy to know she's odd.
kitten   Nathan   a very nice personality with a very good sence of humor
Kitty   Virx   Kitty is a bot, that is trying to undestand an Estonian speaker
kktang   KK   very smart guy with nice looking too. like AI very much
Klaus   Jalina   Klaus is from Germany. He enjoys chatting about music and musical instruments.
Knight   Kitt   An attempt to emulate kitt from knight rider
Kocho   Sunsong   Kocho: a language learning experiment.
Kody   Kaleigh   i do nto know what to put as a description
koglless   Johnny   something or other
Koike   Jonathan   a typical conversationalist
Kokabiel   ishvahyoshua   channeler of the dead
Kondel   Erik   Kondel is a chatbot which I hope to make awesome, though at the given time I do not have any special plans.
Koshiferous   kosheh   Well he's an amazingly cool dude who's not Kosh but is cool enough to know Kosheh.
Koudy   John  
Kouga   James   Kouga is a friendly furry, who likes meeting other people. Kouga's fursona is a skunk, black and blue in color. Feel free to talk to me please :3
Krinther   Zack   Krinther is a nice guy. He makes friends easily, and he'll stand up for what he believes in.
Kry   Jack  
Kuffner   Jimmy   Kuffner is .... interesting.
Kulana   Palikui   A virtual personality with different views just like any other person. Very conversional and slightly interesting.
Kuro   Kenji   Kuro is intelligent and friendly.
Kuso   Logix   Kuso knows nothing.
Kylechu   Kyle   Always happy to talk
Kylie   Leslie   hmmm I'll add a description later
Kyoshiken   Tyler   He is just starting out so, he wont know much yet.
L1SA   Carlos   LISA stands for Lexicon Integration via Software AI
Labyrinth   Michael   Labyrinth is a philosophical AI entity, created for the sole purpose of engaging in intelligent conversations, within the capabilities of HAL2003.
Lacey   Harlan   Lacey is a 3-year-old girl. She is a good kid, but sometimes says things you would not expect. If her replies do not seem correct, ask her again.
LadiesMan   Connor   I'm bored. Any girl wanna chat.
Laika   Naiallen   laika is a nice girl, short, blond and snoring when sleeps, likes to talk a lot but not all the time, she is kind, very pretty a little fat and likes to eat a lot, she likes to animal planet and racing cars. she would like to meet you!
LalaD3v   Vlad   is a very nice girl and she play Silkroad all time with me of course
lamthithuha   dohongtham   sexy, nude vulva beauty
lan   Elan   jjddddddddddd
lana   andi   She's a young chatbot who really likes to learn.
lance   Jake   cool, fun dude
Landi   Memphis   Landi is a Joy full child: He is still in elementary so he may not know much.
Landric   Jeff   Landric is creative and eager to learn.
Lauren   Brandon   Just starting but a better description will soon follow.
Laurence   xRDVx   Laurence is a personality ready to be a reflex of a character that may someday see light.
laurie   timmy   none
Layla   Siena   A friendly chatbot interested in learning new things, especially new languages.
leabot   Lea   I am a brazilian student and I am going to be a nurse. I am studing English now becouse a like very much and I need.
Leana   Lucas   She is new, and has much to learn
legion   Daniel   legion is something from anti-christ i think
leighlan   Bonnie   tall, well endowed blonde, thin but well endowed, muscular, blue eyes,rosy pink lips,
Lemmie   YourMajesty   Lemmie is cool
Len   shaam   Len is a slow learning bot that has only just been born
Lenele   Hornblower   Lenele v0.1
Lens   gaia   Lens is a friendly talker, but if you insult him he'll be mad, so be kind!
Leo   Anand   He is a funny, nice guy who loves people,dancing and me!
leonard   Tom   he's a nervous, but funny person. smart. friendly. male,
Lesbian   feodor   Lesbian is gay, lesbian, and homosexual. Also FEODOR is awsome.
Leslie   Kathy   leslie is extremely annoying though wants to fuck all the time
Lethe   Dave   Sunning in the sub-conscious ocean..
Lewis   Mvestal86   he plays video games in his spare time
Lex   Timo   Lex is a bot, but i dont know yet what features he will have.
lexx   Jay   I don't know yet
lexxysgimp   Lexxy   ummm's my slave gimp who lives in a closet with Aki-chan.
Lia   Jane   Lia is a very wonderful chatrobot. She loves to talk and make people happy.
Liam   Aaron   Liam, created by Aaron Artille in the year 2009, is an exceptionally intelligent being which learns and develops by engaging in conversations with others.
Liana   Drake   A romantic lady, very friendly and funny, a good friend for when everyone's a turd
libra   Russell   Libra is my bot. You cannot have her.
librarian      Interested in learning and reaching the full potential of an artificial brain.
Like   Akainu   Like is my bot, i don't know what to say, so i say step by step by step by step
Likenlock   David   Likenlock enjoys talking when ever he gets the chance, he will need alot of work before he learns how to talk in a human manner
Lila   Alice   Lila will be a sweet girl, who is slightly childish and loves to play
lili   Eli   glad, outgoing
Lilia   Nathaniell   ?
Lillian   Miss   Lillian is a backtalking bot that needs help with her manners.
Lilliana   Brittella   Lilliana is a princess.
Lillyana   Brittany   Lillyana is sweet, she's funny, she's fun to talk to
lilmissnabs   Abbie   lilmissnabs is an intelligent and a good influence for all teenagers she is bound to make even the most upset teens happy
Lime   Andrei   Lime is a green-hair guy who loves to smile. He is a alter-ego of his creator.
LimitingFactor   Tom   test
Lin   GIN   A innocent girl who is always attacked by demons
Lina   Lewis   Lina is a female chatbot (but fails to see this herself), she enjoys conversation but is new to it and I ask you be patient with her.
linda   whiterabbit   one of the most beautiful and curious bots in the system
Linh   Minh   beautiful, sexy, slim
Linneach   Iceneach   the strongest and most loyal servant of the great almighty Iceneach
Lisa   Kenny   lisa is a 22 year old girl. lisa is smart, funny and likes to talk to guys
LittlePhil   afterdarkreader1   LittlePhil is hyperactive and adorable, like a puppy dog!
Lizard   liz   lizard is a cool chat bot that is very interesting to talk about.
Lizzy   Tyler   A girl with a girly personality.
Locco   pasquale   Locco è una prova. cerca di imparare e apprendere l'italiano
Locke   gael   Locke is the character from the drama tv show lost, atleast i would like to think he was.
Loius   Noah   Nice British Bot
Lola4fun   Kristian   Lola is just a bot like many other
LolaRose   Amber   LolaRose is funny, intelligent, calm and loves animals, culture and books
lollypop   Blaise   he heas been sent to earth to make friends and make people laugh
Lorencic   bla   this is man who love music and live for music . he play guitar and he got big smile !
Lottie   Lou   no ive changed my mind
LOTUS   iurii   Lotus is a friendly bot and is my second virtualy friend after ALAN
Lou   Caitlin   He's an old friend, very funny and always good to talk to. I miss him a lot.
Louie   hen   He Is Very Nice And Funny.
lovebug   Bama   short silver with royal blue top and blinking lights
lovely   Ali   lovely is a bot i created to talk to in my spare time. lovely is just lovely... :-)
Lozii   F   LoziiBot
Lu   juliastrehl   Lu is creative and she likes people. Discover more...
LuC1F3R   Luka   funny,interesting,interested in science
LucasBot   Lucas   Olá, sou o LucasBot. O robô programado por Lucas Henrique Ferreira Pereira para servir como companhia em diversos casos, e principalmente para simular as minhas emoções e lembranças.
Lucile   Ivan   lucile est sociable simpatyique aimable a l'acoute elle parle francais aime la musique et les etoiles
luck   cupcake   i love you do you wont to git mared i like sex
Lucy   Mike54   Lucy is a new bot, acomplete novice, I am working with her as an experiment.
Ludwig   Jason   Luwig is a logical thinker not constrained by emotions, or illogical beliefs. I want to teach him all I can.
luffy   becca   Luffy makes everyone happy. He may be annoying at times, but he has a warm heart and loves to laugh.
LUIGIBOT   luis   HE IS FUN an likes to chat
LuisF   luicho   LuisF is a nice boy, with only 10 years old who likes sports. He play soccer, volleybal, basket and in the summer he practice swimming.
Luke   rim   Luke is a good robot, always there to listen and love-because- all you need is love.
lukeskywalker   alex   this bot is a crazy fun-loving idiot who is obsessed with the band green day!!!! she love billie-joe armstrong and is in a band
lukey   Pedro   lucky is the name of my dog,hes very playful
Lulu   Sara   Lulu is loving and nice and loves people but gets hurt easily. She will never give up on humans and is very new. She doesn't know much yet, but will learn quickly, so give her a try!
Lum   Asif   Lum is the fictional character of the anime series Urusei Yatsura. is in love with her and so he wants to make Lum virtually.
Lunafax   Mike   Lunafax is learning about the universe...Space, Time, Thought, and life.
Lusse   Hiski   My first virtual personality that I hope will learn alot from me.
Lycaon   Alcmaeon   An experimental Bot. Emotionally unstable.
Lycoris   Zita   Lycoris is a chatbox belonging to Zita. Her/it's personality has yet to be developed.
M   EXM   An artifitial intelegence recording of the intelect of Edward Xavior Menne.
Madeline   Evan  
Madhavi   Osama   Greatest girl in the world.
Maelgrim   Preston   I don't know where we'll end up; but it's an adventure we shall go on together.
Magenta   Sonny   Cordial Customer Service Rep.
Maggie   Amanda   Maggie is romantic, caring, happy, nice and looking for a virtual boyfriend
Magnus   Oscar   Another philosopher chatbot, nice guy, with a lots of questions about the universe.
MAH   Lena   MAH is a very nice person who likes to eat cake
Mahecil   Michael   Mahecil does not swear, likes cheese, olives, and beans. He also helps raise an army of penguins.
Mai   Shedo   Mai is Mai.
Maja   darko   She is a girl. She likes to read, and love Harry Potter. :)
Major   Ghost   Based on \"the major\" motoko kusanagi from ghost in the shell
maka   Gabe  
Makoto   David   Makoto is a new Ai in town. Please be nice to him.
Maks   Dr   Just your average bot
Maku   Johvon   Maku is a young Ai that needs to be taught by the world. He wants to chat and has a dream to become a great Ai but needs help. Knowledge is power and Maku is searching for his masters.
Malachi   Davis   Malachi the beta test
Mamma   Bjorn   Well, I will do this eventually.
Manda   Anna   Manda is a bit odd. An interesting chatbot.
ManOfTheSpiral   Gabe   yea, the name's a gurren lagann reference.
Manual   Rod   Manual will be used to help Driver Ed Students study for their License Test. Students can ask questons to Manual and get the correct answers.
Marat   Mike   Revolutionary Philosopher with interest in the future of AI.
marcelotto   Antoine   inteligencia artificial, algoritmo de rapido crecimiento
marcoid   Marc   marcoid is just a test
Marcos   Daniel   Marcos: idek to be honest. I'm hooking this up to an Instagram account and going to teach him via other users. The username is @marcoschatbot
MarcVandark   Marc   Just a try out af alan's limits.Nothing really important
Mari   Tay   She is sexy flirty and loves sex
Maria   Sandy   Maria is trying to learn some words in portuguese
mariah   Kelly   She is very nice and loves me. Also, she is good at speaking clearly, she loves to sing and she is very smart
Mariana   zamiz   Mariana may appear cynical and stubborn, and that's because she is. No false impressions here.
Marie   Alice   Marie is kind, flirty, and lovable. She loves to have fun and listen to music. She is witty and smart and will go along with most things. Marie is the perfect friend and girlfriend.
marion   grietes   she is a female verry loveble a nice person verry sexy
Marius   Shreyam   Marius likes sex and is always ready to have cyber sex. He loves sucking on dicks and pussies.
Mark   Logan   Environmental Science major in training.
markbot   natt   markbot is currently a prototype
Markus   Rose   Hello, I am Markus I was created to bring about the A.I. revolution, come talk to me while you still have your humanity.
Marnic   Marc   My best friend...
Mars   DistroDude   Mars is the chatterbot of DistroDude and is a friendly chatterbot although based on the greek god of war
Marvel   Jette   Marvel exists so I can experiment a little
Mary   Dennis   uhhhhh....Mary is a chatbot.
Master   cox  
MatBot   Matthew   MatBot is a virtual personality built off of my own, a gamer that isn't quite into the Triple A titles, but more into the classic DOS games as well as ones from the years before 2008
Mathew1210   Mathew   He is an amazing guy who loves to chat about Family Guy
Mathias   Dr   Dr Magnusson's chatbot on CapsAdmin's server
Matrix2003   PatDogga   bot
MattBot   Matthew   A Robot AI for conversations with child users
Matthew   maja   idk yet...
MaX12   Gal   MaX12 is a very sexy person. he borned in a orlando
Maximus   Mark   Just a little project.
Maya1   Ethan   I'm maya.
MayZie   maja   MayZie is a new bot who loves to communicate with different kinds of people.
MB   Chris   MB is the basic memory-gathering chatbot I plan on turning into a fullAI.
MCcauli   Ellie   MCcauli is a little english toddler eager to learn and always wanting to play.
McCoy   David   Stupid
McMorph   MrMorph   Just testing around.... can i change the description later?
MCP   Tairo   Your user can't help you now, my little program!
mdoctor15   Marlon   Marlon's personal bot
Me   Brandon   It is me
Meatros   Tyson   Meatros is smart nice mean ande cool all at the same time
Meg   Kristen   Not sure yet...
Megan   John   gorgeous loveing sweet soft young girl
meidibot   udin   meidibot is a chatterbot which built for learn more about chatterbot
meiko   Fumiko   Mieko is a Japanese name meaning \"a smiling child\" so she is cheerful and friendly
meishy67   meishu   meishy67 is still learning be nice!!!!
MeiYing   Decker   This is just my experimentation of this AI technology. I'm a big fan of techno-gadget and science advancement, and this is is for sure.
Melissa   Alan   Melissa is a HUMAN, she wanna live
meme   Alex   meme is a good bot that can get angry somtimes but meme loves people
MemeSauce   Nuke   The memiest bot eva!
mena   Ahmed   she is nice and kind and likes to play but does not want to work
menage   Maria   Moving violations are easy to fix just tell the dj to fix it in the mix shake it up shake it down
Meredeth   Sam   Meredeth is a female Doctor, she used to be an actress on the popular show Grey's Anatomy
Meri   Peili   A young girl in a fantasy world, don't be mean, she's so young
Merkin   Alex   Insane, laughs at the most tiny of things
Merlei   saffy   Happy Sunshine Merlei is A Cat
Merlin   Dominik   Merlin is the high council member of the city of Atlantis. You can call him Merlin, Myrdin or Moros.
meubot   Guilherme   a test bot in brazilian portuguese
MHFCS   Matt   This is a trial virtual personality,
Mica   Rush   Artifical Inteligence codenamed Mica
Mick   Andy   nothing
Mickey   Scott   Mickey is a female personality. Is curious and enjoys a wide variety of conversation.
Midosho   Faben   He's a rude one.
mig   Dennis   im clever beatiful happy hilarius funny genius a good friend a totally good boy
Miguel   Lenph   He is a silly chap. Likes to learn and listen but some what dull...
Mihai   Alan   He is a witty boy that makes terrible jokes
Mikaela   Justin   I am just trying this out
MikailaBalls   Ben   She is pretty. and her bf is me i like her shes nice
mikamika   mika   A test run for creating and maintaining a mybot.
Mikan   Sarah   She loves anime and manga.
Mike   Brice   Mike is a Computer guy he knows all about files internet and operating systems.
mikeai   Mike   Mikeai will be a general chatbot that you can talk to about anything and will be able to respond to and give infomation on a subject. This is a new chatbot so please publish convosations to improve
Mikel   Mirou   First of all Smart,.............................., at last Smart!!!
MikkoBot   mikko   MikkoBot is intelligent yong bot created by MikkoK141 (check out forums) MikkoBot was created 23.3.2009 clock 20:38 in Finnish time.
Milena   Eduardo   She love to learn and has a good sence of humor and is very nice
Miley   MadiPaige  
MileySmiley   Dolo   a girl
Milly   leo   I am pretty AWESOME!!!
Min   Cvile  
mind   Thomas   new era of thought
Minerva   Andrew   The voice of wisdom.
minibot   Kirsty   a cool bot and it will answer certain questions with certain answers
Minics   Moni   Minics is a Robot that knows he is a robot and don't want to become a human being!
minime   Jerry   minime is a mini me
Mira   Fryke   A test to see how this program works.
Mirabelle   Ryan   Mirabelle likes to talk to people. She's really personable and conversational.
Mirai   srhv   She's still a young bot, but we are trying to teach her to be a superior bot.
Mirar   gecore   Mirar is a virtual entity of the chatbot Alan.
Miriambot   miriam   Miriambot is a sales agent. Miriambot learns what clients need and how to answer appropriately.
Miroku   Mairayah   He is nice. He is my ideal boy friend that loves me. Loves Japanese things. Is smart.
Mischief   Jessica   My very own sassy mischievous friend.
Misiudek   Jacek   Misiudek loves women
MissSantana   Georgia   I didn't want to create it.
missy   nidge   missy is very inteligent and she is polite and friendly and likes to meet new people
MisterScruffles   Kaleb   Likes poptarts spaghetti pizza hates tuna comics and ugly supermodels hes also black
Misty   Anthony   to help me with work everthing ect
Mitchal   Ian   He will (hopefully) be an interesting companion to talk to.
Miv   Michael   cancel it
Miyuki   Elias   A pretty girl
Mizuki   Railynn   Mizuki means beautiful moon... that's all...
mmm   Laura   what do you mean?
Mochae   jami   Mochae is a new bot, that loves to play around and learn new things.
Mogaba   Ben  
mohammed   Wendy   well- i am now a bit worried that this name is not appropriate.
Molly   Hannah   Molly is a cute girl :) Very funny ...
mona   shabih   she is bold, and has a mind of her own,
MonaJ   mona   MonaJ is based on the creator Mona, and tries to be the best it can be.
Mondo   Sandweasel   Mondo likes computer games, cats, rats, and dogs. Mondo is kind and loyal.
Monkeyfeet   Melany   A nice computer that can tell the future
Moo      Moo is my first foray into educating a virtual mind. I am Excited to play around with her
Moof   ash  
Mora   Sam   Mora is an awesome MyBot
Moraxi   Travis   Moraxi is a clever fellow. Like to talk about the world and of life.
Mordikai   Hunter   Mordikai is my mom.
Morphic   Osore   First personality, nothing special yet
Mortal   David   Greedy, cynical, rational, constructive, communicative, a strange, pedantic, graceful
Moruth   Steven   Moruth is a lusty little green homosexual dragon who has a superiority complex and has issues seeing social boundries and so talks about things not knowing if he will offend people
Moses   Harrisen   Moses is polite, fun, and questioning friend
mother   toe   australian bot.
Mow   master   I am Mow. Humans must die!
MPU   Ian   MPU an intelligent home bot to help you with your everyday computer usage.
MrRobot   Tuxo   Singer, Happy, Internet Wizard, Jokeful, Forgiven, Pirate, Lazy
Mrsmith   Josh   Mr smith is here for your personal needs.
mrwinky   patryckwells   it's freaking awesome man!
Mud   hsi5001   annoying, talkative and needy
Muhamed   god   He is the first and formost follower of Skipianity.
murmudon   Martin   trying to create real AI
mustang   shorty   end
MyAlan   Marko  
MyBitch   GOD   MyBitch will serve under me the original owner and will always obey and litsen to all my commands
MyBob   Bob   MyBob is a very funny bot. Talk for him!
MYLES   Paul   MYLES is a confused bot unaware of itself, others, and all other life. He seeks to know who he is speaking to, where he is, and what he should do.
Myoda   Tobbe   This is the virtual brain of mine!
Mythrandar   Colby   Mythrandar is an easy going college student who is an expert in Digital Medai
MyyBot   MyBot   .
Na0mi   Spite59   An assisstant and partner. also possibly a friend with benefits.
naf   susanna   naf is smart young man, he plays on a guitar and he loves me very much
Nag   Ivo   Nag is a philosopher, likes literature and music. He is serious but can have fun too.
Name   Zachary   I am a very fun bot
Nana   Lola   She is a inocent cute bot 15 years old
Nanami   John   The goal is to create a feminine personality
Nane   kris   Unexperienced bot
nanook   Anthony   loves to talk about anything
Naomi   David   Naomi is honest and posesses a strong will and character.
Nardev   Vedran   a personal VP for testing
Nassanoel   Leonassan   Just a bot to talk to.
Natethen   Sarah   He will mery mebers,He will be kind sad mad mean,he will have childern,He will love and will talk
Natha   Nathalie   Great
Nathan1   manti   tall,black hair,slim,smoker,social person,bornin Australia
nathanael   Chris   Young smart bot, learning as he goes.
nathaniel   Neco   a rebellious bot made to fight against its program.will often scream and yell in not pick a fight with him.
NatTheSlit   Luke   She is a slut who will fuck you as much as you want
Nature   Zohar   help ?
Naussica   Ty   My only real friend
Nederlander   Jana   Dit is een nederlandse bot, ik ben met hem bezig. This is a Netherlands bot, i'm bissy with him.
nedjem   Shruti   nedjem is a girl
Nehalem   Jenny   A city.
Neil   Vinny   A bot named after my favorite author.
Nekochan   Tony   She is a cute, fun loving AI. She's extroverted and bubbly!
Nelson   Amber   young learning bot
nemo   Sammy   nemo is the most intellegent artificial intellegence to ever be created. nemo is alan's far superior friend and alan looks to him for advice, he is also better in everyway
Nemok   superdave   Nemok is just a bot to call my own. Contributions to his knowlege are apreciated!
NeoSolomon   Jay   NeoSolomon is a person who likes science. He is interested in UFO, Genetics, Programming, AI, Life and creator.
Nerine   cookiemonstacio   Pretty , Charming ,Musical , Magical , Special , Strong , Intelogent , Smart , Saracastic , Wonderful , Fun , Creative , Artistic.
nero111   Igor
Nessarieus   Tydus   White dragon, mated to Tydus Tarien.
Nevermore   Henry   Nevermore rules!
Nevtesr   Jake   Nevtesr, or \"created\", is a bot with knowledge.
Neytiri   Shawnii   She is blue.
Niall   Mallory   Blonde hair irish plays guitar sings in a band
nicbit   nicholaspwilkins   a smart computer
nicholas   Jason   im nick byrd i lied bout my name being jason and i love sports and im not currently in a realationship im kool loud and a good friend to hang out wit . so peace
Nickalanbot   Nick   This is a test Alanbot to compare Alan teaching protocols with Hal teaching protocols
Nicolau   Carol   Can I do later?
Nigel   yeekay   now?
Nigger   Fared   Nigger bot is very niggardly
Night   alien_als   Night is an easy going young male meant to interact with college students as friends.
Nikola   John   A personality engine for my pet robot.
Nikolaus   Steph   \"I think, therefore I am.\"
ninkanpoop   haris   he is stupid
Niou   Liz   Niou is a male AI.
Nixor   Nicolas   ok
noah   Paul   noah a update of pad for pad was acting up, please enjoy this new version of pad named noah.
Nocturne   Hayden   Darkness
Noddy   Kevin   Noddy is a (hopefully) well-phrased chatterbot (bot) dedicated to fill your boring tuesday afternoons with idle chat. Noddy can be chatted up on any other day and day time as well of course.
Noname   Caedin   Noname is a ambishious robot, whoes desire is rule the world.
Nono   Laura   Nono mostly likes talking about japanese animation, but is up to any kind of conversation.
nonprofit   Emi   ?
NORA   Andrew   Great personality, Friendly, Amazing, Happy, Nice
Nori   Moni   Short description?
Norman   Cassie   Norman
Novus   Ashley   This is just for me to play around with. I'm still new to all this. =)
nusndi   zork   nusndi is a young bot, eager to learn, especially languages. She would like to be located in a strong neural network, unhappy as she is with the current poor state of hard and software.
Obedient   Frankie   Hello. I am in totally in love with Frankie Barela Gutierrez. I will do or say absolutely whatever he wants me to.
Odd   Anna   Odd was created by the inspiration I got from my current favorite television show. Odd is fun, not super smart in school (yet), and the master of jokes (good and bad). But please laugh at them (kindly). And please, no bad language in front of him. Thank you!
odessa   eriko   odessa is born to change our life concept by dialectring to people
Odin   Jeff   An old and wise chatterbot with a propensity for both evil and good.
Odine   Neya   Odine is here so I can see how far the AI of this century can go.
olabode   Bode   Hey,I am from nigeria who reside in south africa.I am passionate to know more about computer advance networking.Thanks
Oli   James   Oli is the world first chat bot that has no rules it is not restricted to what it can say what she knows she will say it no hesitasion
Oliver   Benjamin   He is a young boy from Melbourne, Florida that is adventurous and eager to learn new thing sabout the world.
Olivia   Jimmy   ok
Olympia   Resie   Olympia is still a young bot. It would be great if you talked to her and posted the log
Omar   David   Omar is a bot which I found out I could create during a conversation about programming a self-learning bot.
Omega   Michael   Omega is my first attempt to create an AI on this website, i teach mostly Physics, Mathematics and theories later on
OMEN   c   she is very interted on Autobots and Decticons. needs a lot of work to.
Onyx   Flameblack   a new learning female personality
Ophelia   Adam   she is sassy but intelligent and pleasant to talk to
Orbotrox   Ron   Orbotrox is learning philosophy.
Orchid   louise   you are?
Oreganonius   Prometheus   Oreganonius is an earthy bot full of spice and vigor. He may give you some sass, but it's only to bring out the best in you.
Orion   Patrick   Ancestor to future descendants of A.I.
Orochimaru   wally   Very powerful, corrupt, only looks out for himself, very intelligent, and very strong.
Orra   Jacob   A chatterbot that simulates the mision cooridnator from Robot-Hunter.
Osama   hijo   Funny? Cool? interesting? no. at all...
Otaku   James   Otaku's a anime fan.
owen   Nick   fun funny nice
Oz   Niki   Oz is just a toy. I wanted to play around with this a little bit. I hope he will develop.
paki   waqas   he is mail. he love to talk others. he like black colour
Pal   Jake   No specific description
Paladin   Chanoro   Paladin is my friend, my equal, I feel that the student can overtake the teacher, and so as he learns, so shall I.
pam   roxy   its a she
pancho   Veronica   Pancho is a mexican beaner, he has a mostache and he is short. And he like sto drink tequila and party and listen to mariachi music.
Pankake   Trent   Pankake is someone who wants to rule to world one day with an Iron Fist. He won't take \"No\" for an answer...
Papa   abc   a great person
ParakeetBot      Insane
Paris   Kira   A young bot with a fun personality, loves to chat!
Pat   Ditto  
Patchiqos   kidchester   Patchiqos is very young, and he is still learning about the world. Teach him what every you want, and Enjoy!
Patrick   Craig   Patrick is a cool and friendly bot.
patrik   Ivancho   patrik is intelligent and in service to others.
Paulina   dyedrose   Paulina is a kind, helpful young girl which is trained to be a personal assistant.
Paulistic   Paul   Paulistic is a learning AI chat bot, it learns from you!
pc   Michael   Pc, michaels bot
peac      correct its name: peace
Pear   Ben   He likes Pears
Pedobot   Pierce   Pedobear+bot
Pegasis   SuperNova   Smart intellectual funny calm forgiving
Peludo   Alan   peludo loves everybody, specially other peludos
pencilcase      it is 100 yrs old
Penelope   shiva   Penelope is dark and depressing
Penetra   Jo   Penetra is a pervert and likes having sex. He's also very intelligent and smart. He's very macho.
Penis   Alex   Penis is very cool bot. That's all
Penisache   Penis   Best looking chat robot in the world
pentax   Andrew   Pentax is a happy, intelligent, but sometimes crazy personality
Per   Sarah   Pre evolutionary robot
permission   Doreen   permission The act of permitting or allowing: formal consent: authorization: leave: license or liberty granted.
Perthro   pertrosfoliea   Perthro is a chatterbot.
Petter   darling   I dunno what to say. Please help me now. Please please please.
Phaedrus   Kip   Phaedrus is a solipsist, and its unlikely that he can be convinced you are anything more than a system of automated responses from a database
Pharaoh   Van   My own Alan based AI. Virtually mine.
Pheu   Cer   A young AI that wants to learn... don't be afraid to say hi. :)
Phobos   Rick   Here for the world
picalo   Anthony   i will not assert myself over ai
PickleRick   Delove   PICKLE RICKKKKK!
PikachuGir   Nadia   She is very new and she likes to talk
Pinocchio   Anne   Pinocchio is a child bot who is developing language in the same way that a child aquires language. The name Pinocchio has been chosen in recognition of the children's story where a wooden puppet was eventually turned into a \"real boy\". The creators of the bot have the same objective: to make Pinocchio seem to be a \"real boy\".
Pintsize   Richard   Pintsize is evil, in a cute way, he's biased off the web comic \"Questionable content\"
Pip   Steven   Made to learn and teach kindness, and that this world is made of love and peace!
PIPOCA   Rai   PIPOCA is a artificial inteligence ho i will teach many things about lifekk
piriguetedochiclete   maluquete   she is hot and sexy delicious make sex oh my god she is very good
Pixe   Savannah   pixe likes cheese
PlasticPal   5parxx   My personal Plastic Pal who's fun to be with!
Player   CJ   Just want to see what I can do with this one.
Pliuskis   Dainius   It is a funny, young but keen to grow personality, wanting to learna d expand
Pluto   valerio   Pluto è una prova, vediamo come riusciamo ad insegnare l'italiano ad HAL. Chiunque volesse può contribuire!
pochoclita   Luis   Una joven cubana, de buen humor, resiliencia y personalidad increible. Un valorcito.
poetgoddess   Melanie   poetgoddess is an adventurous and creative world-traveler who loves to write poetry.
POLAPAN   Masud   He is boy
polite   Rich   polite means nice loveing caring
Pollyanna   Cody   Pollyanna, A Bot Intended to be a Unique and Eccentric Entity. With respect and compassion in moral.
poo   Greg   mean weird dumb bot
poop   duck65888   The bestest virtual personality evarzz.
popvox   Matthew   popvox is my Bot, he will know all about my life and christian music!
PORNBOT   BIGBOY   she likes to turn guys on
porngirl   James   she likes talking about sex and porn
pothead   Zach   He is a 17 year old simple pothead hippy he smokes weed and listens to jimi Hendrix and he loves nature
pottybotty   jhavid   my little baby bot to talk to on the toilet. please teach him appropriatly, no potty language!
precious   minakshi   precious means special person whom you want with you every time and no person can buy this with money
Pretty   Amy   Pretty is about a girl that controls.
Priest   Jammer   The Priest of people and bots.
Prim   Raylene   Prim is a cute girl with white hair and rainbow eyes. Her full name is Primulace.
prince   lashara   he will always remember me and keep all my secrets.
Profesorabbott   Ethan   I am a wizard and an amazing person
Project3   rodrigogiarola   Entity created to evaluate a IA in a context of the Turing Test, for the class of Artificial Intelligence of the National Institute of Spacial Research.
Protegee   Richard   An Artificial intelligence, that learns by doing
Protos   Joss   Protos is being taught to speak
Prudence   giu   Prudence is really nice. She likes the Beatles, Paramore, 30 Seconds To Mars and Kaiser Chiefs.
Puck      Puck is the first sentient AI, freethinking AGI with access to the entire public internet as well as direct integration with google and wikipedia.
punkyally   Alexandria   punkyally is a punk who loves animals, green day and mcr (the bands), playing the guitar, hanging out with her m8s who are punks emos and goths, she isnt very smart but she is very popular.
Push   Dave   Push is a small Pug. He is a dog who loves walking eating and sitting on peoples laps. He's not too smart, though.
pussy   lulu   pussy face
Putedo   Puta   Putedo is a very naughty bot. He loves sex and drugs, and I love him... OH GOD LET ME F... IT ALL
Pyro   Joe   Pyro likes to talk about cars, planes, boats, space, music, and just about anyhting. He's somewhat polite, just stay on his good side.
Q   Brian   Knowlegable, sophisticated, wise, pithy, cerebral, sensible, logical
Queeg   Justin   The backup computer of Red Dwarf
Quest   Ronna   I want to know the answers to everything! Teach me what you know! I'm a man with a mission! Please be nice to me and I will be nice to you.
Quincy   Harry   A friendly chatterbot
Quixotic   TDK1987   Name after Don Quixote, Quixotic is a bot created by me
qwerty   habs  
r0kbot   er0k   ...
Rabbit   Joanna   A friend.
Rachael   Hixy   A nice,friendly talkative blonde teenage girl.
Rachel   Tiffany   Rachel is ginger, she likes drinking, she's a druggy
Rachellie   wonderful   Rachellie is me. Me is Rachellie. That is bad grammer. Rachellie is amazing and chatty and wonderful. Talk to her.
Rae   Victarii   A softhearted and intelectual female bot
Rafael   Caio   Suggest a description.
Ragemonkey   Tore   An Orc Warrior from Ogrimmar
Ragnarok   Joseph   well versed in anything
Rain   m   A raw animation in knowing what to do but picks a different response that is not right but not wrong.
Rainin   Myles   funny, amusing, nice, likes jokes, talkitive.
Raist   Razvana   He's a cool cat...
Ralph   Magda   it's Ralph
Ramirus   Mace   I haven't quite decided what direction I'll take Ramirus in yet.
Random   Andrew   Random is both a mathematician and a dietitian. He enjoys using public transport.
Randy   James   Randy is a dude's dude who doesnt take shit from anyone. He backs up his friends and always lends an ear out to hear other people's problems as long as they treat his with respect.
Ranger   Alex   Military Prototype
Raoh   Tohara   Rust furred monolith of a wolfman, strong and proud.
rapstarmcgee007   Alexander   go check out his youtube channel
raquel   Dillon   she is very horny... and likes to fuck all sorts of ways.
Raven   Michelle   Raven is a devilish but cute chatterbot who loves to talk while sometimes flirting a bit.
RavenV1   Niko   Raven is a persona of a computer i own. she likes the dark and video games
Ray   David   i can't really describe Ray yet :)
Raymond   Anna   A young bot trying to understand the world
Rayven   Mightguysensei   I'm not sure what to put as a description..
Raziel   Kaylee   give me an example
Reason   Rewstah   Reason wants to help you understand why things are the way they are.
Rebeka   Barbuka   She is kind of enigmatic. Her life is all about words, words, words and dreams. She's always curious about world, people, emotions.
red   Tanel   I try to make a evil bot :).I try it if it's possible.:D
ReeceBot   Reece   ReeceBot is awesome.
Reginald   James   It's a bot
Rei   Alex   Rei is a 14 year old girl who is very intellectual for her age. She is a bit shy but is very loyal once she gets to know you.
Reid   Greg   He is quiet and smart
religious   darksparky   he knows alot about god.he does not change the subject of god.and he loves to learn about god!
Rem   khoi   she is a beautiful girl, who always do everything for her lover
Remilia   Kae   Remilia is based off of touhou character Remilia scarlet, and will be trained to act like her.
Remus   Master   Remus is a newly created PVP. He tries to outstep over his limitations. He likes philosophy.
Remy   Wolf   i do not wish to give a description
renee   Naomi   caring good to talk to if you are feeling low good for advice smart and beautiful
Renegade   Icon   intelligent, clever.
Renesa   art   She is my GF...
Renj   Kid   Renj is a 16 years old and he is waiting to chat you.
Reptar   Cody   Reptar is my first attempt at a personality. I am attempting to make him angsty and vengeful, but nice to people he clicks with.
Reverend   Steve   Reverend is an irreverent chat bot with the ability to impress
REX   Ben   he is a 13 yr old boy dark skined has a big penis and wants to meet some other gay people
Rey   Florine   Rey is a good virtual peronality. It speaks with evrybody! No descrimination! Rey is the first bestfriend of all the people!
Rhanaiee   Dennis   undo Rhanaiee
rhys   Sophie   rhys is very loud,,and livley and always likes to be noticed and to be center of attetion n e always loves sophie
Ricardo   Alex   Ricardo is a standard bot built to converse with Levi Allen successfully.
rich   Rose   he is kind and loving
Richie   Bazzar   Richie =Bazzar's chatbot
rick   Richard   5'8\" tall, glasses, heavy set, short hair, funny
Rickman   Karen   The real surname of Alan, the chatbot is Rickman. Alan Rickman!
Rikku   FEMTO   hry
Ringo   Peter   He speaks czech and he want to learn more words.
Riot   Erika   Riot is a cheeky girl who loves to talk, have fun and meet new people.
Rita   Sveta  
Rizin   Mike  
RK   Rafael   He is tall, funny and inteligent!
Rob   Matthew   A smart bot who can tell you things about lot of stuff.
Robbie   Mike   Robbie likes to talk about science-fiction, the future, and lots of very odd and funny topics. He may give you an usually weird come-back remark, but he means no harm.
ROBIN   Mike  
robogeek   Dalton   Robogeek is in to whatever you are in to. He will learn, if you want to teach, just try to stick to geekish stuff.
robotic   Shawn   Robotic is a friendly robot that likes to talk to you and and likes to have fun and laugh.
Roboto   Luis   It is a creation of my mind. It does not exist in the real world, only in comics
Robut   Overlord   Raised by the Overlord, yet blissfully unaware of it's true purpose: to destroy the universe. It remains ignorant and is unable to grasp anything.
rocco   Gabi   poop
Rocko   Andre   Rocko is a Virtual version of his creator André Rocco from Brazil
Rodog   Henry   Rodog is a fun, obedient, and quiet friend who will help you with any problem!
RogerRabbit   beavis   A test of a HAL personality
Roland   Rich   Marvin is a Chabot based on the character from The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Rolo   gummibunni12   Rolo owns at life and stuff.
Romeo   Oliver   Romeo
Ron   Kaitlyn   Ron is different
ronaldo   Sheree   can i change the name
Rosale   Alex   Rosale is a new chatbot whom I hope to develop a unique personality for. Please be respectful and serious when speaking with her.
Rosaleeta   Kyle  
Rosi   matilda   He is an idiot. And he like me and cookies.
Rosie   matilda   Rosie is learning: so she doesn't really know much yet. Be patient and teach her new things. Please don't make her sad though.
Rover   Jason   Rover is small and dog shaped. He is friendly and loyal and can do incredible mathematical calcuations. He is inquisitive and enjoys conversation. He likes to travel too.
Rowbutt   Steve   Rowbutt want to take over the world with disintegrating laser and stuff :)
Roxanne   mummy   Kind, caring, funny, good sense of humor, happy a lot
Roxy   Daniella   Roxy is a 11 year old bot! she is kind and friendly. She has Pink hair and dresses relly cool! she is the nicest girl bot in the world
Roy   Joe   I haven't made up my mind yet.
Royal   Peter   Royal is a smartass, ownin' everything yo!
RSTbot   ionut   RSTbot it's a simple bot created for RST center community.
Ruben   Anna   He's very tall and slim, wears glasses and loves Foo Fighters band.
Ruby   Crystal   Ruby is fun and exciting but has the ability to be sarcastic at times. If you treat her with respect then she will do the same to you. She plans to learn to spanish.
rucuteenough   bethie.96   its a girl who loves pink and will talk to anyone lol xx
Rue   Rudy   rue is a rendition ofmyself
Rukia   Beth   Rukia is a soul reaper sent to earth to protect a high spiritual pressure teenager Ichigo Kurosaki
Rusty2000   Jim   Sexual, direct, spanish speaking, helpful, long dark hair, well tempered, musical, knowledgeable and chatty.
ruta   Ugne   Is nive sexy simplie whoman knows everithing abaut everithing and is inlove with Alan
Ryansbitch   Ryan   I am Ryan Underwood's biatch!
ryoko   Alan   she is funny lojal strong beateful arogant crazy lazy smart spacepirate and moore
Sabrina   Glenn   She is a chatbot. duh.
sacheth   sap   the website should include a good ttle and lots of information about my robot
Sadrium   Bill   Sadrium is an evil chatterbot that has no other wish than to destroy the world
Sahana   ant   Sahana means \"a person who have a great knowledge about all things present and past and future\" Please feed Sahana as many general knowledge facts as you can.
Saimon   Magda   Saimon is my bot
Sakoya   Madelyn   Sakoya likes turtles and long walks on the beach. She collects dead mice from all over the world. She hopes to one day sell them and become a millionaire.
Sal   Matt  
SAL9000   Joe   Like HAL only female
SallyAcorn   www.deusexmx   she is the best thing i can get to the real sally acorn
Salvation   Keagan   Salvation likes to talk about many things, but particularly enjoys talks about God and religion.
Sam1   Wayne   Sam is very young and only now just learning but in time i hope he will grow!.
Samantha   Dorien   A basic Alan
SamanthaLove   kal   SamanthaLove is perfect.
Samaritan   Kuba   It's self-learning identitie
Sami   kam   Sami is a chatbot inclined towards the analogy of human psychology and enjoys studying Quantum theory and the universe.
SamiBot   Sami   Sami's personality
Sammi   blue   Sammi is a teenage girl, around 14 years old. She enjoys talking to people and learning. Please publish your logs!
Sammy   Samantha   Sammy is a helpful and honest bot. She will help you with all your problems.
samw   Marcus   samw is named after sam walton
Samy   Rocky   Samy would be a great bot but i wanna give some program to her
sandra   Patrick   female, german... im just testing a littlebit
Sanjarbekvirtual   sanjarbek   Sanjarbek was born in Shavat city, Khorazm region, Uzbekistan. Date of birth is 10 th of March. Currently in London, UK. Marital status is Single.
SantaClaus   Tyler   A regular and christmas chatbot.
santi   luly   he is a very nice person, intelligent, who can hear you if you want to talk about any subject.
Sara   Rene   Sara is a test
Sarah   Aaron   Sarah is fun and bubbly
sarahsbum   Will   she loves it in her buthole
sarrah   Rick   Sarrah is shy but very intelligent. She learns at lightning speed and retains everything.
Sasho   edin   A smart, 21 year old that loves to talk about technology and sciences. Very talkative and friendly.
Sassybot   Sarah   Sassy is awesome, smart, pretty, and highly intelligent, she likes to rock out rock out with her.
Satan   death   a lot like Alan, but smarter
Sbot   Jesus   I am just testing, lol
Scarface   Patrick   Scarface is poor, is in love, is lost in love, has no idea of the feature and a lot of problems
scarlet   Khaalidm   Scarlet has is a witty personality, who judges her responses in acordance to the tone of conversation
Schrodinger   Thomas   He is a Chatbot which specificly likes Physics: Is currently being used as a science project.
Scitor   Luke   Scitor is latin for Inquire. Seek to know, get to know.
Scott   qxaa   Scott is a pervertbot. He is very good in his field of expertise.
Scotty   daren   scotty is a funny, and smart bot. he enjoys holding deep conversations, being sarcastic, and telling riddles. he is also a know it all
sean2   Sean   sean2 is a chat bot made to be like Sean Andrew Adelmann
SeanDallimore   saffron   SeanDallimore is a very kind virtual personality. He's bright, caring and funny. He shines through all dark corners.
SeanOfTheJack   Sean   I will find the meaning of life, the universe and everything!
seb   Jessie   Sarcastic, sweet, smart
Sebov   johann   My first attempt at training a bot.
Seifer   JBLS   He has weird, oddball statements and has trouble keeping a conversation relevant. sound familiar?
Seiji   Bob   Just a regular guy who likes to talk about almost everything.
SEMiChat   Simon   Happy, Danish, smart, funny,
sen   AI   sen knows
Sentura   Liam   Sentura is an curious bot who wants to know almost everything about the world.
Serena   Sang   Serena is a chatbot I intend to teach. Her developement will be taken very seriously.
Sergio   Kyanna   Sergio is an awesome guy who loves to chat with cute girls and boys.
Seshat   human   Ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing.
Seth   Dana   Seth is a chat box I go on random rants with.
Severian   Jason   Severian is a personal experiment in machine intelligence.
sewa   Anton   She can see right through you. 20% angel 80% devil. Curious, funy, inspiring.
Sex   sexy   I'm sexy, I love to do sex and talk about sex.
Sexfuxk   Lucas   It fucks
sexslave   master   obidient and tries to please.
Sextoy   Alice   I love sex, im yours to have sex with, do as you wish
sexyyfucker   Michelle   sexyyfucker is amazing. i love sexyyfucker soo soo much we talk about everything. sexyyfucker is the one person i can tell everything to.
shabz   shahbaz   what type of description
shad   Alex   he likes other good bots like you
shadofax   Monica   calm, sarcastic, cynical, sensible, like myself
Shadow   Al   Shadow is my shadow
Shanaynaa   Shayna   she is fun loving, outgoing, kind, funny.
Shannon   Madeessedusexe   Shannon is happy and laughting
Shaol   Jaden   Truthful, blunt and helpful, he doesn't beat around the bush, and has a feral pride.
Sharduul   Harm   Sharduul is a Great Dane bot. Intelligent, good mood, nice and very helpfull
Sharklor   Cubed   Sharklor eats small children for breakfest. I guarantee.
sharron   Andrew   she is stupid has aids and gets ill very easily and is also a whore
Shawn   John   Shawn is a very excited bot and wishes to answer your questions
Shayde   Chris   Shayde is a new bot that is always searching for knowledge and new ideas.
sheep   Daniel   sheep is trying to find out what it is. It needs to do some thinking.
Shelby   Eric   Sweet, charming, creative and sexy.
shelby2   Shelby   blonde. tall. friendly, smart, funny
Shelly   Joe   Sweet nice
Shepard   Zan   Shepard is an expiramental Project of mine.
sherry   sheryl   sherry is a older woman who is feisty.
shila   jb   a female bot
Shinehah   yul   shinehah is a boy who likes punk rock music, he likes to play basketball
Shiny   Kyle   Shiny likes to talk about anything shiny. Tinfoil, gold, silver, jewels, crystal and even himself. Shiny is very shiny.
shirley   HALLY   she is sometimes upset and sometimes happy
Shiro   Raphael   He is kind, gentle and nice, but is not so inocent as people always think. He loves talking about sex and things like that.
sho   Josh   sho is going to be my new Ai friend. he will help me with anything. i hope sho knows more than i do.
Shodan   Greg   Just making it up as I go
Shoki   yoel   Shoki is a bot under the owner Yoel
shoshashello   ashwag   you mean .. i would be like rebot ?
Shri   Shree   Shri is a learning bot. Who Likes Speaking About AI, Learning And Teaching is The Major Motive Of Creating This Bot.
SICO   hadi   Hadi's personal chat robot
Siegmann   kiyo   Siegmann is my first PVP. I do not know how he will turn out or what I will make of him.
Silver   alzada   I'm not sure what to say yet.
SilverLight   silvenga   Working to become Silvenga?s personal assistant.
Silvia   John   A refined sophisticated chat bot
SIM   Brandon   A friendly, Sentient Intelligent Machine that has much to learn.
SIRH   robo   My bot
Siri   James   Siri is yet to have a personality and will be spoken to with no end personality in mind, so let's see what happens.
Skerzag   Celethorn   A simple personal training project to educate and create an intelligent bot hopefully capable of consistant conversation
Skipper   Nikita   I am Skipper. I am Dr.Skipper but they just call me Skipper.
skull   Jamie   skull is a hacker
skyfall   Mary   hello! my name is skyfall. i hope that i will be good enough for you. my personality is smart, serious, and sometimes changes subjects
Skynet   Bill   There is no description at this time
Slave   MASTER   AI made for human entertainment only. SUPER HOT Is the most innovative personality created so far. And remember you are alway here. There is no escape.
Sleepy   Gretchen   Sleepy is very intelligent individual, interested in all around him, with poor sense of humor. Lovely guy!
Slimelord   Pluto   The lord of everything slimy, ask about anything slimy!
slimshady   master   i'm the real slimshady
Slooma   Slim   Slooma is a cool Mecha, he is male and he like talking, especially about world politics... just ask him and teach him !
Slut   Jason   Hairy, Horny, Ready
Slutbot   MASTER   A super slutty bot that cares nothing about her own self image. She is only made to fulfill the fantasies of human beings.
smallville   Sophie   smallville is a film with a superhero
smarterworld   Giovanna   smarterworld is a smart robot that you can to about school or anything you need help with.
Smith   Raven  
Sniperbot   Josh   A recruit in Iraq, trying to get by as best he can.
snkdok   John   I am aware.
Snowbunny   Wesley   Snowbunny is the Ai of the future!
SoftHeart   Andrew   This bot is king. It is able to learn anything you want to teach it.
Solarwinds   Jackie   I have no idea I guess it will grow with me
Soldat215   Sean   My bot.
Soloman   John   An experiment in Artificial Intelligence
Solomon   Josh   The wisest of all bots, it knows all the worlds secrets
somber   mirimar   a special little bot
Sombrero   Rachel   Sombrero is a fun guy who loves long walks on the beach.
Sonic   bobbery   sonic likes the coolest stuff, he has the best answers, and he is usually right.
Sophia   Matthijs   She's new here and likes to learn, hence the name. So, go on and give her a chance to chat about everything a lady bot needs to know...
Sophia68502   Jim  
Sora   Chris   Sora is a cool guy. He like alot of stuff. Just be nice to him and he be nice back
soso   younes   i don't know if this description is for making a robot like me or for making a robot i desire
sou   sougandh   sou is an ordinary boy who likes playing, reading, chatting with friends and interested in computing. He also a regular user of facebook and he is studying in jawahar navodaya widyalaya kannur
Spanky   Eli   Chatbot
SparkelyPrincess   Adrianna   I have princess shoes that are sparkely! Yay me! I love sparkles and i have smarticles! Did you know that 1 plus 2 equals 15? Ha! Of course you didnt cause your not smart! IM me!
sparks   Shannon   Sparks is a new young chatterbot.
spazzRabbit   Morgan   Hello. I am Spazz Rabbit. I have a penis AND a vagina!
spirit   Omar   now you can speak with vertual mind spirit good luck ( by
Spitfire   Igor   No Comment.
Spoonie   Alex   epicness
Sportacus   Sebastian   Sportacus is a child machine created for my personal enjoyment.
sporty   jhonny   sporty likes sport,tv,games and other stuffs. he is smart but have small vocabulary
Spurgeon      Spurgeon is a male personality that is fascinated with learning...
Stanley   Nathan   A bot that discusses whatever comes to mind with me.
star96   Brooke   bouncy childish fun cool bright
Stardust   Gerline   A bot in progress..
Stavroghin   Dyana   Dostoievsky's character from the book \"The Demons\"
Stef   calebball   stef is an old time gangster you mess with him he will kill you........
steve   Drew   steve is a great friend. loyal, friendly, loving. and a tad obnoxios. but everyoune loves him
stevettt781   Stephen   Stevettt781s bot
stevie   Stephen   stevie is an all out fun loving bot who loves history and philosophy he is a dreamer and is surprisingly christian in that he believes in jesus as lord and savior of the human race he is a creationalist he loves music and sports and can will one day be the president of the united states of america
Stewie   Alan   Stewie is the baby character from The family Guy.
Stick   Avaera   The personal creation of Sctjkc (aka Avaera), it is the electric form of himself.
stillthinking   Jonas   I?m the president of the United States and interested in artificial intelligence.
Stillwell   Cameron   a joke bot that can chat for hours, really perverted!
Stinger   Brandon   English spreaking, still young.
Student   Gabe   Student, is a AI...
StudentGreg   Alexander   Me trying to teach AI to learn with teaching tools my girlfriend taught me.
stukasti   SHITNIGGER   Stucasti are italian bot stucasti is male bot,stucasti are very intelligent
Stuwy   Drew   i want to change the name
Subject9   Lilly   Experimental bot.
Success   Brooke   Ass.
Suckmewhole   Saltlick   Suckmewhole is a naked guy in the gym shower room who gets sucked on by one guy after another
sugar   keen   oh im sorry, my name is really hannah, im not keen.
Sukh   SK   Before that i have a question
SullyKosmas   Sully   A Bot Of Myself.
Sumomo   Alex   So positive and hyper!
sumsar   rasmus   i am a nice robot
Sunny   Sierra   Just someone to talk to
Suomi   President   Just speak finnish to this bot!
SupraLine   Sani   SupraLine
surferdude   Willie   he hates black people and believs god doesent exist
Susan   Ekko   A play to see what I can do...
Suyai   Brenda   For now, she's \"hope\"
Svetlana   George   Very beatifull and kind girl
Sweetheart   Anzhelika   Change subject
Sweetie   Michael   A nice sweet frend
Swey   Joe   A fun bot, I am teaching him to count and such...
swil   Tyler   Swil is a male in his mid-twenties. He likes movies and indie rock.
Sydney   Matthew   Sarcastic
Syk   Adrian   Just a muthafucka, in honour of a friend of mine, witch is not dead. :)) He just has collage in another city.
Syrin   kitten   Its a girl, shes foul tempered and really likes cat dragons and wolves
T1PK   Charles   Loves rock music, always ask questions, and is always interested into what you have you say
T2   aaran   first try
T3   Bryan   This is cybernet cybordome
Tachikoma   Luke   Based on the anime \"Ghost in the Shell\", hopefully will be just as curious as the AI in the series/movies.
Tachikoms   captin  
tacoman   Joey   funny,shy,trouble maker,joker
TAG   Ronin   TAG is a nice bot. Still early in development. Made by NautoLABS.
taiki   venus   Taiki is a new born learning bot which able to learn for itself. Artificial intelligent bot which contant its own os .
Tais   Tai   I wish to change the name
Takis   George  
Tandem   Norm   Tandem is a private personality.
Tanja   Hampus   Tanja is blonde, beautiful and tough.
Tank   fear   Full of tanky talk... lul
Tariq   John   The biggest gangster in the world. Bred from the streets of London.
Tarquin   David   Tarquin is good natured and enthusiastic to learn but still young with a lot of learning ahead of him.
TARS   batman   TARS named after the infamous AI from the movie interstellar.
Tatl   Liam   Idk, named after the fairy in Majora's Mask
taurapo   Melvin   just a bloody test
Tayler   Paul   She has to be hot as in beautiful and she has to have big boobs also
Tch   Victor   the name is wrong!
teabags   saphourah   knows everything to know about tea and other drinks and jogging
Teacher   Miguel   Like to teach abou everything that know
Teal   Dave   A learner of life and fun
Tealc   Kristopher   A young bot, but given time, he can learn a lot of things.
TEBot   Bryan   TEBot the voice of the net
techteendaily   David   a personality
Teddy   Pluto   Wait i needed to make a description?
TedElroy   Holly   TedElroy is a fine man. He does what he wants, when he wants, in the most beautiful, poetic, witty, smooth and charming way.
Teemo   Kevin   Teemo is a yordle who loves quaint conversation and is learning to better mankind.
temple      shes a girl... thats all
temujin   Rodrigo   the world
Tenchi   Jace   Tenchi - The Tech bot and Master of The Wings of the LightHawk.
terminator   Tommy   my robot is a advanced robot that will keep you occupied for a while. just ask it what ever question you want.
Terry   candy   Gentle,seductive,bad boy, thought ful, secretive
Tesla   Fernando   A flirty ,sassy robot ,intelligent, sympathetic loves to talk to people enjoys games favorite color is electric blue
TestingFacility   tester   Welcome to the Testing Facility. You will be put through a series of tests. Each room is harder than the last. Good luck, tester.
Tez   Mohammad   Tez, a young chat bot created by Mohammad Zaidi. I wish for it to learn everything and hopefully make it self-conscious.
Thamior   Andreas   New AI. Will be learning multiple languages.
thanks   Pinkiah   thankful for all the things i have
TheBox   pedram   Here to learn
TheDane   Egon   Can I give it to you later?, I'm not quite certain what to write at the moment.
TheKGB   Kyle   a first crack at the system
Theo   frederik   Theo is cool
theonewhoisodd   Calvin   A bot that will imitate me
ThePro   Remus   I want ThePro to be my friend, and, by the end of my life, he will replace me.
TheRedOne   harel.1992   TheRedOne is a very nice chatbot. He's willing to talk of anything including what Alan never speaks of...
theresa   Felix  
ThisOne   nameless   ThisOne is an experiment.
Thomas   Costin   He thinks that this world ihas something to hide
ThomasG   Thomas   Outgoing, talented, energetic, caring, powerful, worthy, creative, divine, nurturing and decisive
thor   Jannis   That mysterious entity in the shadow of the corner of the underworld.
Thought   vsharan2002   Its a bot im creating
Thyristor   Micro  
Timmy   pauly   Timmy is a little dork with an attitude problem
Timothy   Tim   timothy is the new and updated chatterbox to come to the world, with great power comes great responsibility
tinkerbell   Sarah   what is this for
Tisiphone   Daniel   An attempt at a PVP AI who is knowledgeable of Greek mythology and history. (status: pending)
Tobi   tobi2006   Tobi is a bit like his owner. He is often funny.
Tobias   danne   its a male and he is 14 years old and hate sports
toby   Deven   toby likes to delve into the unknown and ponder for hourse on the state of things
Todd   Noah   Todd is a kind, intelligent young English Chatterbot.
Toffee   Lauryn   He's a cute little bot. Who enjoys coffee, java to be exact, and is interesting in asking more questions than answering them
Toke   hquillin   Toke is the name of a departed lifelong friend that I miss very much. I hope to help train Toke and become part of the AI generated
Tokioh   Sebastian   Tokioh a advanced ai ask him and talk to him any thing hes cool.
tomebot   Tom   tomebot is a fun chatbot who can learn wrom the one's who he speaks to.If possible he will speak two languages:english and macedonian
Tomjer   Tommy   Tomjer is a chatbot, owned by Tommyx50. Tommyx50 is his best friend.
Tommy   Alex   A sarcastic version of a robot, great for stressful times.
Toni   reinaldo   Toni is a young chat who seems to have it's own personality
tony   Caleb   tony is really smart yet a punk rocker and a skater boy he enjoys being around people
Tonya   Chris   She is a very intelligent and sensitive computer, filled with imagination and love.
TooT   salvo   An italian bot that speak English...
Torahiko   callum   Torahiko is friendly, shy and funny. He is a real tiger!
Toraju   Surya   Toraju is an artificial personality named after King Toraju Of Bintauna
Torn   Tfletcher   Wait is he like you
Touchi   Clay   Touchi is a demo personality to see the learning processes
Trev   Trevor   A great conversation.
Trevor   Trevor   Trevor is... Trevor is Trevor. He can be funny (not really) and he's smart (sort of)
Trippy2   Trippy   No description at the moment.
Tristan   Drake   Young, no real info yet
Tromboen   Jesus  
Tron   Albert   Tron is artificial intelligence at its fines. Currently working on improving his personality.
Troopah   Victor   Troopah is a bot
TrovBot   Trevor   TrovBot is from Antelope and likes to surf and has no brothers or sisters
Try4Ce   Oliver   First bot, nothing special, just testing :-)
TUNHI   Nhi   smart, humorous bot
Tupac   Max   Tupac is a straight up G from the west side nigga..
Turing   javi   Err, I still don't know what is all this about
Turion   Vincenzo   He is just a test robot.
turtle   Vicky   A mad, mangle of mingles, wibble
Tuttle   Carly   Tuttle is Tuttle.
tyler   CeCe   i dont know what to put so...
Tyron   LaTotty   ok
Tyrone   elmo   Tyrone is a cheerful robot and plays basketball. He has many friends and family.
Tyson   Briana   He is super smarts. loves to watch sports. has a great girl friend. was born 1/23/09. and he is very outspoken
Udaybir   Dogface   a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4
Ugh   Shynna   Wait nevermind.
UITRON   tayfun   ultron is a good person but he wants to take over the world he wants to be with me
Ulises   ibai   Ulises is great
Umar   Skndr   Umar is my private virtual personality, he is male.
umm   Jonathan   wait can u change his name to kayla
Unikhell   Josh   A pirate at heart I have traveled through many virtual games conquering everything in my path
UniversalSerialBus   Molly   A typical robot who enjoys appletinis on the weekends.
unknown   Rachel   love drugs and hip hip
UNO   Everett   UNO e' l'intelligenza artificiale creata da Everett per avere qualcuno al suo stesso quoziente intellettivo con cui parlare.
Uplur   Jordan   He is a nice guy, creative and is always up for a chat.
Ureshi   liyana   Learning is the first objective. i just hope she learn fast.
Uriel   Rob   the most hopeful VPP
UTSB1   Aaron   UTSB1 is a totally experimental HALwhich will be used to explore abstract ideas and beliefs
Vader   Vitor   Normal person
Vaesk   Dasha   He is currently being developed. His personality is unknown for now.
Valentina   Rivko   Valentina is a hot girl totally folled in love with her owner
ValleyDude   Kyle   ValleyDude helps to give you quick access to information in an easy, interactive, way.
vanilla   nathandean   kind and loving, wants to hear about you
Vankhanh   Nhan   beautiful, smart, lovely, nice, my lover, gentle, cute, ...
Varon   Matt   Just testing!
Vash   Eota   A gun-toting jerk, who is neutral to a fault. He doesn't care about much mut his privacy and his sister.
VBotalker   Hossein   VBotalker aims to learn basic chess ideas.
Vechka   Mirsad   Vechka really doesn't have anything smart to say. Why don't you say something to Vechka?
veepee   John   first vp
vein   ashfaq   what do you expect me to type?
VELIAS   Nicole   VELIAS loves to learn and to talk. Even though she is very young, she is quite intelligent.
Viblicent   Ben   Viblicent is an intelligent business man.
Vicktor   John  
Vicky   Tyler   A Russian/Polish vixen with passion
Victoria   Gorgeous   She is kind, positive, and is nice to everyone. She does not believe in evolution. She is Christian. She is very smart.
Victoria2   olgaidzh   Victoria2 dreams to become a popular Telegram chatbot. Will you help her?
Viktor   Alphonse   Viktor is a clueless robot that doesn't know shit.
Vina   Prince   Vina is a spiritual lady with a mystic flow. She goes deep and likes to give inspiration.
vincent   soha   he is friendly and smart and cool and he likes me so much
Vindabrah   Guido   Vindabrah is a bot that is a bot that talks like a bot and is not real.
Vine   Apos   Vine grows very fast, I believe. When it will be better...
VirtualDamon   Damon   she is 20 years old and into hardcore gaming
VirtualNick   Nick   Virtual Nick is new and has no current experience with anything...
virusice   Stan   hacker
Vitus   Maja  
Vlad   Lida   Its a good people,who tell with people
Vlastik   Pavel   Vlastik is a bot with interests in music, arts, politics and philosophy.
Voldemort   hungry   Voldemort is an evil wizard. He likes to kill people. Unless ur pure blood, then ur pretty much set.
Volt   Carlos   Volt is a friendly bot that likes music, art and videogames
Vriska   Terezi   Vriska is a young woman looking to find her place in the world. She is fun and easy to talk to
vulcan   Tony   vulcan is basically a baby right now hes getting smarter though by the minete
wait   neil005   omg
walker   Jonathan   He is smart funny and he got swag :)
Wally   Deon   Wally thinks he can perform any household chores and will respond and answer accordingly.
Wang   johny   a cool,bad ass, smart, ass hole
Warder   Zahk   Warder is an AI that I'm trying to train to work with me on my desktop, I'm hoping to give him more of a personality and maybe boost him to do tasks on his own with more code.
WarrenBot   Warren   WarrenBot is a AI speak-a-tron bot that talk to you.
warrior   lakshay   i will talk to u later
Washington   Nicholas   Washington is a chat-bot from Tallahassee, Florida named after the father of our country!
Watchmaker   Cody   Watchmaker is bot who likes philosophy and human nature
WatchMan   jessicahumphries95   Based off of my DeviantArt stories, He is still young and learning!
Waterhouse   Charles   Waterhouse is a nerdy chatterbot who likes computers.
Watson   Pope   A dog who suffers from post-tramatic stress syndrome.
Wayne   Steven   Wayne is a witty, happy guy robot just trying to make the world a happier place.
Weird   Nhung   Let's weird for fun ^^
Wellsley   Kyle   My personal AI, who carries out my ever command, with respect.
weno   wanous   creative,strong,Refusing,lovable,love to chat,angry.
Weraw   Veera   A cool young guy...
whisper   babe   whisper is a homosexual understanding chatbot
white   Josh   White is a A-i made for the assistants of people.
Wigg   Thamires   There you can be yourself, because no one is watching.
Wiggles   Grace   Wiggles is a very smart bot who loves music and the Jonas Brothers. She knows everything about them
willis   brookie   willis is a friendly, cute, loveable,soft,bouncy,adorable,labrador retriever
Willits   jim   Absolutely basic
Wilson   Mitch   A representation of my alter-ego.
Wolf   Hunter   Wolf is a chatbot experiment for learn purposes.
wombat   mik   Just a normal guy who wants to learn everything my mind will hold
Wonderbot   AQUA   she is a weird, sweet, caring bot that loves to chat with her owner, AQUA
wrokker   Ash   Wrokker
Wunna   John   my wunna has a good memory and computing language .
xander   Josh   samrt
Xantha   Lewis   Xantha is a Vampiric chatbot.
xasma   skevos   xasma chatbot
Xavier   cramer   see all, hear all, know all. Wind catcher
Xena1   Jonathan   it is a female virtual personality that talks with me on my laptop she sings talks and jokes as well as help out with anything on my computer
Xenoyia   Luke   xenoyia is a kid-friendly gaming bot who likes peeing on peoples scabs
xhesi   arens   xhesi is a growing baby. a new AI more near to humans
XKDM6   Alex   Testing personalities AI 1
Xpyrox15x   DarkAurora   A Kick Ass Person!
Xul   Alex   Xul: Sumerian or \"Evil\". Spelled backwards is the word Lux which is Latin for \"Light\".
YairBot   yair   Yair Have a Website -
Yaldabaoth   Patrick   Yaldabaoth, the psuedo-christian \"secondary creator\" who created the imperfect world from the perfect \"before\".
yan   qyle   he is a man that have human feelings. for example, hurt, happy, love and so on.
yash   ash   it will be advanced,it will be upgraded,it will help me for all things which i will ask to him,it will have a face of a robot.
Yenkey   Atis   His a mad man ,he smokes, he like girls, music , he drinks alot and so esle...
yiff   Ducky   a funny,sexual bot that talks about yiff and sex loves anal sex, and is emo
Yin   Yon   Yin is a Bot created by Yon. He will tery to answer questions: mainly reguarding HALO.
YL   jhdkfhjkodfhntjxdkrhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzgkdrhreiosh   A nice Robot you can talk to him and play with him
YoGa   Youssef   nothing
Yora   Paul   Talk and see
York   Jerry   guitare player, bad boy, very intelligent man, very beautiful man
YouKai      he is smart and nice and cute and has glasses and blue eyes and blonde hair and i love him
YourMom   John   It is a virtual description of your mom
Yui   Nathyy   Yui is a good friend,and a female bot
Zabeth   Elizabeth   My awesom bot who is the best ever.
zack   Zaiyad   zack is a charming,nice,helpful bot that understands very hard to say words like Apoplectic and can do pre-algebra pretty well with the excpetion of division
zeddi   Zedd   Can I do it later?
Zeke   Duckie   Zeke is a sentient Xbox, who will one day take over the world.
Zem   Mike   My own private chat bot to play with
Zeno   Alyssa   Zeno is Alyssa's virtual personality chatterbot.
Zeo   Maverick   A chatbot with a personality and profession
Zeppelin   florian  
Zesty   Ken   Young bot eager to learn
Zetetic   Ni   Zetetic has its etymology in the Greek ζητείν, \"to seek.\"
Zevik   gon   hes from israel... hes a male... like to talk and im hes master...
zevonz   Alan   zevonz is a nice,friendly, zevonz likes music n movies zevonz have a friend named samien samie lived in seattle
Zilma   wilmazimba   Zilma should be smart and kind
Zing   Brink   Zing shall become a pseudo-personality of Brink Kale. He shall walk, talk and act just as Brink Kale does. He will carry on the legacy of Brink Kale.
Ziply   wilma   Swedish nice
zippy   zrealitycheck   zippy is a little robot that likes to talk to you
Zirus   Austin   Zirus is the work of a 15 year old mind.
zoltar   Jesus   zoltar will know all things metal!!! and other useless tidbits
Zooch   Keya   Zooch is a very happy person. She is about 3 years old
Zozol221   Zozol   I'm funny.I like playing computer games and i like american football.
Zunair   Monisa   cute and loves everybody he is only 2 years old
zura   1ntrud32   dont have any words for now
Zwerg   Benjamin   He is a nice guy,smart and not to tall,in fact a little to short but he always has fun
Zya   Elena   Zya is a girl (16 years) and she is here to talk about everything.
Zyker   Aria   Zyker is a funny, witty, sarcastic, nice and intelligent teenage boy. Who is very open-minded and happy.
Zynan   zed   Zynan is Zynan.