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Want to own your Private Virtual Personality (PVP)? Follow the simple instructions below to train and raise your own private bot.

1. Register with Alan. If you're not yet a registered yes, simply tell Alan you want to register.

2. Tell Alan you wish to create your own bot, and pick a name for it. This name will be posted on the Ai website so that other users can speak to it too.

3. To speak to your Private Virtual Personality (PVP), simply ask Alan to let you talk to it.

4. To speak to other PVPs, ask Alan to let you talk to any of the personalities listed under Available PVPs. Clicking on any of the names will provide additional information about the particular personality.

In order to speak to the personality you picked, make note of its name, and then ask Alan to let you speak with it. If you're not familiar with Alan yet, click here.

important note: By creating your own Private Virtual Personality, you are letting other users talk to your bot. This means that the users talking to your PVP will have access to the information you provided Alan and your bot about yourself, such as name, age, definitions of terms etc (but NOT username and password, of course). If you do not wish to share this information, do not create a PVP, or create it under a different identity.

When other users speak to your Private Virtual Personality, They cannot modify its permanent memory. All the changes they make throughout the session, will disappear when the session is over.

Ai's new PVP program is still experimental, in its initial open testing phase. Bugs are expected, so please be patient.