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History of AI

AI at the turn of the millennium

Speaking Machines

From Myth to Reality part 1

From Myth to Reality part 2

From Myth to Reality part 3

From Myth to Reality part 4

From Myth to Reality Full
The concept of the "thinking machine" appears throughout history, from Pygmalion, to HAL 9000, to Steven Spielberg's film, "A.I." The desire to breathe life into sculpted clay - or today, into silicon - has been with us for thousands of years.
When the computer first appeared in the 1950s, we seemed closer than ever to creating an "electronic brain." Yet, the major goal of artificial intelligence research - to create a machine that can communicate like a person - has yet to be achieved. Artificial intelligence has given us everything from PARRY, the paranoid chatbot, to Japanese fuzzy logic rice cookers, but it hasn't yet produced a computer that can carry on a conversation.

Today, the field of artificial intelligence can be described as a global primordial soup of cognitive and computer science, psychology, linguistics, and mathematics, waiting for that flash of lightning - an interdisciplinary effort bringing together researchers and resources, developing new approaches, utilizing the world's storehouse of knowledge, to generate the spark that will create a new form of life.